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Barry Zito 

Barry William Zito
Bats: L; Throws: L
Height: 6' 4''; Weight: 205
Born 5/13/1978 in Las Vegas, NV, USA
College:  USC
Debut:  7/22/2000

Regular Season Stats
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Pitching Stats
200022OAKAL 14147401192.6764302864527802376202.721.18
200123OAKAL 3535178032214.33184928318800205113902603.491.23
200224OAKAL 3535235010229.3318279702478218219939202.751.13AC
200325OAKAL 35351412041231.6718698851988314606957403.301.18A
200426OAKAL 34341111000213.002161161062881216319926404.481.39
200527OAKAL 35351413000228.331851069826890171013953403.861.20
200628OAKAL 34341610000221.00211999427995151213945403.831.40A
200729SFNNL 34331113000196.67182105992483413104850504.531.35
200830SFNNL 32321017000180.00186115103161021012004818305.151.60
Totals AL 222222102630941,430.33122862056414856014109656559982603.551.25
Totals NL 66652130000376.673682202024018514251081668804.831.47
Totals TOT288287123930941,807.00159684076618874528134757376663403.821.30

Batting Stats
200022OAKAL 140000000000000000.
200123OAKAL 25000000000400000.
200325OAKAL 26000000000100000.
200426OAKAL 24000000000300000.
200527OAKAL 357010000000200000.
200628OAKAL 343000000000200100.
200729SFNNL 32622700030021600400.
200830SFNNL 32511600020041000400.
Totals AL 89250100000001200100.
Totals NL 6411331300050062600800.
Totals TOT15313831400050063800900.

Fielding Stats
200022OAKAL P 141492.67490000001
200123OAKAL P 3535214.339252300000.966
200325OAKAL P 3535231.6712281100001A
200426OAKAL P 3434213.005312100000.926
200527OAKAL P 3535228.3312340100000
200628OAKAL P 3434221.007181300000A
200729SFNNL P 3433196.673210100000
200830SFNNL P 3232180.007201000000
Totals P 2532521,577.675918671000003.892

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Pitching Stats
2000ALDS1OAKAL 11100005.6771102050025001.591.59
2001ALDS2OAKAL 11010008.0021111060229001.130.38
2002ALDS2OAKAL 11100006.0053304080027104.501.50
2003ALDS2OAKAL 221100013.00955240130152003.461.00
2006ALCSOAKAL 11010003.6775523000000012.272.73
2006ALDS2OAKAL 11100008.004111301000001.130.88
Totals TOT774300044.3334161661703303133103.251.15

Batting Stats
2000ALDS1OAKAL 10000000000000000.
2001ALDS2OAKAL 10000000000000000.
2002ALDS2OAKAL 10000000000000000.
2003ALDS2OAKAL 20000000000000000.
Totals TOT50000000000000000.

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
2002ALCy Young Award
2002ALTSN Pitcher of Year

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
2000ALRookie of the Year10140T6
2001ALMajor League MVP20392T21
2002ALCy Young Award114171401
2002ALMajor League MVP22039213

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