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Ichiro Suzuki 

Bats: L; Throws: R
Height: 5' 9''; Weight: 160
Born 10/22/1973 in Kasugai, JPN
Debut:  4/2/2001

Regular Season Stats
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Batting Stats
200128SEAAL 15769212724234886956143053108443.350.381.457.838AMR
200229SEAAL 15764711120827885131156862275358.321.388.425.813A
200330SEAAL 1596791112122981362348366976313.312.352.436.788A
200431SEAAL 16170410126224586036114963194236.372.414.455.869A
200532SEAAL 162679111206211215683384866234265.303.350.436.786A
200633SEAAL 1616951102242099494524971165122.322.370.416.786A
200734SEAAL 1616781112382276683784977133427.351.396.431.827A
200835SEAAL 1626861032132076424345165125348.310.361.386.747A
Totals TOT12805460885180519764734693157038052612740222742.331.377.430.807

Fielding Stats
200128SEAAL DH400.00000000000AMR
200128SEAAL OF1521481,313.6733581200000AMR
200128SEAAL RF1521481,313.6733581200000.877AMR
200229SEAAL CF3324.00800000000.889A
200229SEAAL DH400.00000000000A
200229SEAAL OF1521491,309.3333683000000A
200229SEAAL RF1501461,284.3332583000000.845A
200330SEAAL OF1591561,367.00337122400000A
200330SEAAL RF1591561,367.00337122400000.897A
200431SEAAL DH300.00000000000A
200431SEAAL OF1581581,405.33372123200000A
200431SEAAL RF1581581,405.33372123200000.863A
200532SEAAL DH300.00000000000A
200532SEAAL OF1581581,388.33381102200000A
200532SEAAL RF1581581,388.3338192200000A
200633SEAAL CF3938338.0011411000000A
200633SEAAL DH200.00000000000A
200633SEAAL OF1591581,399.6736493300000A
200633SEAAL RF1211201,061.6725082300000A
200734SEAAL CF1551551,339.3342481300000A
200734SEAAL DH600.00000000000A
200734SEAAL OF1551551,339.3342481300000A
200835SEAAL CF6969601.6719541100000A
200835SEAAL DH200.00000000000A
200835SEAAL RF9190788.3317574100000A
Totals CF2662652,303.00741133400000.889
Totals DH2400.00000000000
Totals OF109310829,522.67254967151600000
Totals RF9899768,608.67217564171400003.482

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Batting Stats
2001ALCSSEAAL 518341001204420000.222.364.278.641
2001ALDS1SEAAL 5204121002121000000.600.619.6501.269
Totals TOT10387162003325420000.421.488.474.962

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
2001ALGold Glove Award
2001ALMajor League MVP
2001ALRookie of the Year
2001ALSilver Slugger
2002ALGold Glove Award
2003ALGold Glove Award
2004ALGold Glove Award
2005ALGold Glove Award
2006ALGold Glove Award
2007ALGold Glove Award
2007ALSilver Slugger
2007MLAll Star MVP
2008ALGold Glove Award

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
2001ALMajor League MVP289113921
2001ALRookie of the Year138271401
2002ALMajor League MVP10039217
2003ALMajor League MVP6039222
2004ALMajor League MVP9803927
2006ALMajor League MVP70392T15
2007ALMajor League MVP8903928
2008ALMajor League MVP10392T20

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