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Roy Oswalt 

Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 6' 0''; Weight: 170
Born 8/29/1977 in Kosciusko, MS, USA
College:  Holmes JC
Debut:  5/6/2001

Regular Season Stats
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Pitching Stats
200124HOUNL 2820143031141.6712648431324214406575042.731.06
200225HOUNL 3534199000233.0021586781762420805956303.011.19
200326HOUNL 2121105000127.3311648421529010805514102.971.14
200427HOUNL 36352010022237.002331009217625206111983503.491.24
200528HOUNL 35352012041241.67243857918483184181002502.941.20A
200629HOUNL 3332158020220.6722076731838416616896112.981.17A
200730HOUNL 3332147010212.0022180751460615417910103.181.33A
200831HOUNL 32321710032208.67199898223472165010862103.541.18
Totals TOT2532411296401561,622.00157361256413537026133545866981753.131.20

Batting Stats
200124HOUNL 26473910030011200300.
200225HOUNL 337751020040042601700.
200326HOUNL 20394710000021500700.
200427HOUNL 3571110100600316011311.
200528HOUNL 357311300020021901700.
200629HOUNL 3566310101800415002002.
200730HOUNL 326428100300321011101.
200831HOUNL 327031500050001800500.
Totals TOT2485072282701310019142047314.

Fielding Stats
200124HOUNL P 2820141.6719151100000.944
200225HOUNL P 3534233.0013381300000.974
200326HOUNL P 2121127.3310130100001
200427HOUNL P 3635237.0014323300001
200528HOUNL P 3535241.6719310200000A
200629HOUNL P 3332220.6715281400000A
200730HOUNL P 3332212.0020360300000A
200831HOUNL P 3232208.6724300400000
Totals P 2532411,622.0013422362100003.918

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Pitching Stats
2004NLCSHOUNL 21000008.00116614020037016.751.88
2004NLDS2HOUNL 221000011.33153324080052002.381.68
2005NLCSHOUNL 222000014.0080214012000001.290.86
2005NLDS2HOUNL 11100007.336030207000003.681.09
2005WSHOUNL 11000006.008051503000007.502.17
Totals TOT874000046.67489195190320089013.661.44

Batting Stats
2004NLCSHOUNL 22000000000000000.
2004NLDS2HOUNL 23000000001000000.
2005NLDS2HOUNL 13000000000000000.
2005WSHOUNL 11000000000000000.
2005NLCSHOUNL 23010000001100000.333.500.333.833
Totals TOT812010000002100000.

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YearLgAward Name

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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
2001NLCy Young Award101605
2001NLMajor League MVP20448T22
2001NLRookie of the Year8201602
2002NLCy Young Award80160T4
2002NLMajor League MVP10448T23
2004NLCy Young Award1911603
2004NLMajor League MVP30448T23
2005NLCy Young Award201604
2005NLMajor League MVP6044823
2006NLCy Young Award3131604

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