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Ernie Lombardi 

Ernesto Natali Lombardi (Schnozz, Bocci)
Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 6' 3''; Weight: 230
Born 4/6/1908 in Oakland, CA, USA
Debut:  4/15/1931
Final Game:  9/17/1947

*****Hall of Fame*****

Regular Season Stats

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Batting Stats
193123BRRNL 7318220547142310121200200.297.340.412.752
193224CN4NL 11841343125229116800411904000.303.371.479.851
193325CN4NL 1073503099211447201617043026.283.322.383.704
193426CN4NL 13241742127194962001622030024.305.335.434.769
193527CN4NL 12033236114233126400166030011.343.379.539.918
193628CN4NL 121387421292321268101916070015.333.375.496.871A
193729CN4NL 12036841123221959101417020012.334.362.473.835A
193830CN4NL 129489601673011995004014000030.342.391.524.915AM
193931CN4NL 130450431292622085003519036024.287.342.487.829A
194032CN4NL 109376501202201474003114070018.319.382.489.871A
194133CN4NL 117398331051211060103614000019.264.325.374.699
194234BSNNL 105309321021401146103712010017.330.403.482.886A
194335NY1NL 1042951990701051101611031018.305.347.431.778A
194436NY1NL 11737337951301058003325011023.255.317.370.687
194537NY1NL 11536846113711970004311051012.307.387.486.873A
194638NY1NL 88238196941123900182403308.290.347.466.814
194739NY1NL 4811083150421007900104.282.325.436.761
Totals TOT1853585560117922772719099080430262046180261.306.358.460.818

Fielding Stats
193123BRRNL C 5000.00218234530000
193224CN4NL C 11000.0028876146170000
193325CN4NL C 9500.00223528390000
193426CN4NL C 11100.00383615880000
193527CN4NL C 8200.002984964100000
193628CN4NL C 10500.0033054151070000A
193729CN4NL C 9000.0033358113130000A
193830CN4NL C 12300.00512739890000AM
193931CN4NL C 12000.0053663107150000A
194032CN4NL C 10100.00397465570000A
194133CN4NL C 11600.0049670109160000
194234BSNNL C 8500.00251416390000A
194335NY1NL C 7300.002963610860000A
194436NY1NL C 10000.0035047131190000
194537NY1NL C 9600.00425498890000A
194638NY1NL C 6300.00272367740000
194739NY1NL C 2400.0086112210000
Totals C 154400.0056948451431071520000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Batting Stats
1939WSCN4NL 414030002000101001.
1940WSCN4NL 23011000001010000.333.500.6671.167
Totals TOT617041002001111001.235.316.294.610

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
1938NLMajor League MVP

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
1935NLMajor League MVP808013
1936NLMajor League MVP1080T20
1938NLMajor League MVP229103361
1940NLMajor League MVP3813369
1942NLMajor League MVP240336T13

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