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Sandy Koufax 

Sanford Koufax
Bats: R; Throws: L
Height: 6' 2''; Weight: 210
Born 12/30/1935 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Debut:  6/24/1955
Final Game:  10/2/1966

*****Hall of Fame*****

Regular Season Stats

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Pitching Stats
195519BRONL 1252202241.6733151422813011183243.021.46
195620BRONL 16102400058.67663732102903020261114.911.62
195721BRONL 341354020104.3383494514511122024445123.881.28
195822LANNL 40261111150158.671328979191056131017141774.481.49
195923LANNL 352386261153.3313674692392417310679564.051.49
196024LANNL 3726813172175.00133837620100619701753973.911.33
196125LANNL 423518131152255.67212117100279662692310681223.521.20A
196226LANNL 28261471112184.3313461521357421602744322.541.04A
196327LANNL 404025502011311.00214686518587306131210601.880.87AM
196428LANNL 29281951157223.0015449431353522300870911.740.93A
196529LANNL 43412682278335.672169076267143820512971122.040.86A
196630LANNL 41412790275323.00241746219774317001274701.730.98A
Totals TOT397314165879137402,324.331754806713204817482396718949787442.761.11

Batting Stats
195519BRONL 12120000000001200000.
195620BRONL 16170200000021200000.
195721BRONL 34261000000001800100.
195822LANNL 40492610010012600500.
195923LANNL 35543630000022900200.
196024LANNL 37571700010032800401.
196125LANNL 42773500020193500800.
196226LANNL 28691600140024200203.
196327LANNL 401103700170065100712.
196428LANNL 29743700010033201301.
196529LANNL 43113420200700104400312.
196630LANNL 411185930050055700011.
Totals TOT39777626759022801433860135310.

Fielding Stats
195519BRONL P 12541.67161000000
195620BRONL P 161058.67430000000
195721BRONL P 3413104.33341000000
195822LANNL P 4026158.676211300000
195923LANNL P 3523153.334161100000
196024LANNL P 3726175.006180100000
196125LANNL P 4235255.677262200000A
196226LANNL P 2826184.333162000000A
196327LANNL P 4040311.004343100000AM
196428LANNL P 2928223.009182100000A
196529LANNL P 4341335.6710360200000A
196630LANNL P 4141323.007301200000A
Totals P 3973142,324.3364228141300000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Pitching Stats
1959WSLANNL 21010009.0051101070031001.000.67
1963WSLANNL 222002018.001233230230069001.500.83
1965WSLANNL 332102224.001321050290087000.380.75
1966WSLANNL 11010006.0064102120026001.501.33
Totals TOT874304257.003610621116100213000.950.82

Batting Stats
1959WSLANNL 22000000000100000.
1963WSLANNL 26000000000200000.
1965WSLANNL 39010001001500000.
1966WSLANNL 12000000000000000.
Totals TOT819010001001800000.

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
1963MLCy Young Award
1963NLBabe Ruth Award
1963MLTSN Player of the Year
1963NLMajor League MVP
1963NLTriple Crown
1963NLTSN Pitcher of Year
1963MLWorld Series MVP
1964NLTSN Pitcher of Year
1965NLTSN Pitcher of Year
1965NLTriple Crown
1965MLTSN Player of the Year
1965NLBabe Ruth Award
1965MLCy Young Award
1965MLWorld Series MVP
1966MLCy Young Award
1966MLHutch Award
1966NLTriple Crown
1966NLTSN Pitcher of Year

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
1961NLMajor League MVP5022418
1962NLMajor League MVP30280T24
1963MLCy Young Award2020201
1963NLMajor League MVP237142801
1964MLCy Young Award11203
1964NLMajor League MVP7028017
1965MLCy Young Award2020201
1965NLMajor League MVP17762802
1966MLCy Young Award2020201
1966NLMajor League MVP20892802

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