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Ron Kittle 

Ronald Dale Kittle
Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 6' 4''; Weight: 220
Born 1/5/1958 in Gary, IN, USA
Debut:  9/2/1982
Final Game:  8/13/1991

Regular Season Stats
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Batting Stats
198224CHAAL 20293720170031200000.241.313.414.726
198325CHAAL 14552075132193351008339150880310.254.314.504.818AR
198426CHAAL 139466671001503274364913756047.215.295.453.748
198527CHAAL 11637951871202658143192150212.230.295.467.762
198628CHAAL 8629634631101748212887030610.213.282.422.705
198628NYAAL 3080819204122072310020.238.292.413.705
198729NYAAL 59159214450122801103611034.277.318.535.853
198830CLEAL 75225315880184300166518050.258.323.533.856
198931CHAAL 511692651100113701224211042.302.378.556.934
199032CHAAL 832772968140164300247723013.245.311.469.781
199032BALAL 226141020230021401003.
199133CHAAL 1747790027005902012.191.291.319.610
Totals TOT843270835664810031764601616236744203803153.239.306.473.779

Fielding Stats
198224CHAAL DH300.00000000000
198224CHAAL OF5529.00300000000
198224CHAAL RF5529.00300000000
198325CHAAL CF100.33000000000AR
198325CHAAL DH200.00000000000AR
198325CHAAL LF1381371,163.0023778000000AR
198325CHAAL OF1391371,163.3323479000000AR
198426CHAAL DH700.00000000000
198426CHAAL LF1241181,032.33216137200000
198426CHAAL OF1241181,032.33226147200000
198527CHAAL DH5700.00000000000
198527CHAAL LF5755418.679031100000
198527CHAAL OF5755418.678821100000
198628CHAAL DH6200.00000000000
198628CHAAL LF2020161.003740000000
198628CHAAL OF2020161.003730000000
198628NYAAL DH2400.00000000000
198628NYAAL LF118.00200000000
198628NYAAL OF118.00200000000
198729NYAAL DH4900.00000000000
198729NYAAL LF219.00410000000
198729NYAAL OF219.00410000000
198830CLEAL DH6300.00000000000
198931CHAAL 1B2727205.002081142800000
198931CHAAL DH1700.00000000000
198931CHAAL LF5325.00810000000
198931CHAAL OF5325.00810000000
199032CHAAL 1B2524164.67150521800000
199032CHAAL DH5400.00000000000
199032BALAL 1B5228.002610100000
199032BALAL DH1300.00000000000
199133CHAAL 1B151499.0010162800000
Totals 1B7267496.674852385500000
Totals CF100.33000000000
Totals DH35100.00000000000
Totals LF3473352,817.005942916300000
Totals OF3533402,846.336022817300000
Totals RF5529.00300000000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Batting Stats
1983ALCSCHAAL 37121000001201001.286.444.429.873
Totals TOT37121000001201001.286.444.429.873

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
1983ALRookie of the Year

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
1983ALRookie of the Year104151401

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