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Hank Greenberg 

Henry Benjamin Greenberg (Hammerin' Hank)
Bats: R; Throws: R
; Weight: 210
Born 1/1/1911 in New York, NY, USA
Debut:  9/14/1930
Final Game:  9/18/1947

*****Hall of Fame*****

Regular Season Stats

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Batting Stats
193019DETAL 11000000000000000.
193322DETAL 11744959135333128762467801200.301.367.468.835
193423DETAL 1535931182016372613995639302900.339.404.6001.005
193524DETAL 15261912120346163617043879100400.328.411.6281.039M
193625DETAL 1246101662116109600000.348.455.6301.085
193726DETAL 1545941372004914401838310210103200.337.436.6681.105A
193827DETAL 15555614417523458146751199203300.315.438.6831.122A
193928DETAL 13850011215642733112839195021108.312.420.6221.042A
194029DETAL 14857312919550841150639375013015.340.433.6701.103AM
194130DETAL 196712185121210161200001.269.410.463.872
194534DETAL 782704784202136031424000009.311.404.544.948A
194635DETAL 1425239114529544127518088001017.277.373.604.977
194736PITNL 1254027110013225740010473040016.249.408.478.885
Totals AL 126947919801528366693061202582674877101235050.319.412.6161.028
Totals NL 1254027110013225740010473040016.249.408.478.885
Totals TOT1394519310511628379713311276582685284401635066.313.412.6051.017

Fielding Stats
193322DETAL 1B11700.001133631411100000
193423DETAL 1B15300.001454841612400000
193524DETAL 1B15200.001437991314200000M
193625DETAL 1B1200.00119911400000
193726DETAL 1B15400.0014771021313300000A
193827DETAL 1B15500.0014841201414600000A
193928DETAL 1B13600.00120575910800000A
194029DETAL OF14800.002981415100000AM
194130DETAL OF1900.003203000000
194534DETAL OF7200.0012930000000A
194635DETAL 1B14000.001272931511000000
194736PITNL 1B11900.009837998500000
Totals 1B113800.001056472410497300000
Totals OF23900.004591718100000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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About stat abbreviations

Batting Stats
1934WSDETAL 728492117104900000.321.406.571.978
1935WSDETAL 26110012001001001.167.375.6671.042
1940WSDETAL 7285102116002500002.357.400.6071.007
1945WSDETAL 723773027006501101.304.467.6961.162
Totals TOT238517277252210131902104.318.420.6241.044

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
1935ALMajor League MVP
1940ALMajor League MVP

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
1934ALMajor League MVP290806
1935ALMajor League MVP808801
1937ALMajor League MVP480803
1938ALMajor League MVP16203363
1939ALMajor League MVP12033618
1940ALMajor League MVP292163361
1945ALMajor League MVP25033614
1946ALMajor League MVP9123368

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