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Eric Gagne 

Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 6' 2''; Weight: 195
Born 1/7/1976 in Montreal, PQ, CANDebut:  9/7/1999

Regular Season Stats
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Pitching Stats
199923LANNL 551100030.00188731503000119102.101.10
200024LANNL 201946000101.331066258206017903464405.151.64
200125LANNL 332467000151.67144908024461130116649334.751.25
200226LANNL 77041520082.335518186164114023141681.970.86A
200327LANNL 77023550082.333712112202137033062671.200.69AC
200428LANNL 70073450082.335324205223114053262592.190.91A
200529LANNL 1401080013.3310442302200533132.700.98
200630LANNL 20001002.000000103018020.000.50
200731BOSAL 2002200018.672614141902200890116.751.88
200731TEXAL 34020160033.332388212029011331302.161.05
200832MILNL 50043100046.334628281122238022031165.441.47
Totals AL 54042160052.00492222321051012221413.811.35
Totals NL 34848292417100591.6746924622673205136671322442172283.441.14
Totals TOT40248332618700643.6751826824876226137181332664182693.471.16

Batting Stats
199923LANNL 510120001000300000.
200024LANNL 1828140000000500600.
200125LANNL 33443621120111300602.
200226LANNL 731000000000100000.
200428LANNL 673000000000300000.
200529LANNL 140000000000000000.
200630LANNL 20000000000000000.
200731TEXAL 30000000000000000.
200832MILNL 500000000000000000.
Totals AL 30000000000000000.
Totals NL 26286512211301125001202.
Totals TOT26586512211301125001202.

Fielding Stats
199923LANNL P 5530.00200000000
200024LANNL P 2019101.33680100001
200125LANNL P 3324151.6710111000000.923
200226LANNL P 77082.334100100001A
200428LANNL P 70082.33560100001A
200529LANNL P 14013.33240000000
200630LANNL P 202.00000000000
200731BOSAL P 20018.67220000000
200731TEXAL P 34033.33060000000
200832MILNL P 50046.33360100000
Totals P 32548561.3334531400003.923

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Pitching Stats
2004NLDS1LANNL 20000003.0010001030010020.000.67
2007ALCSBOSAL 30010002.333020204000007.712.14
2007ALDS1BOSAL 10000001.001010001000009.001.00
2007WSBOSAL 10000001.000000001000000.000.00
2008NLDS2MILNL 20000002.001000001000000.000.50
Totals AL 50010004.334030206000006.231.38
Totals NL 40000005.0020001040010020.000.60
Totals TOT90010009.33603030100010022.890.96

Batting Stats
2004NLDS1LANNL 20000000000000000.
2008NLDS2MILNL 20000000000000000.
Totals TOT40000000000000000.

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
2003NLCy Young Award
2003NLRolaids Relief Man of the Year
2003NLTSN Pitcher of Year
2004NLRolaids Relief Man of the Year

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
2002NLCy Young Award801606
2002NLMajor League MVP44044812
2003NLCy Young Award146281601
2003NLMajor League MVP14304486
2004NLCy Young Award301607
2004NLMajor League MVP30044811

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