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Del Crandall 

Delmar Wesley Crandall
Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 6' 1''; Weight: 195
Born 3/5/1930 in Ontario, CA, USA
Debut:  6/17/1949
Final Game:  9/25/1966

Regular Season Stats
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Batting Stats
194919BSNNL 6722821601014342091800208.263.291.368.660
195020BSNNL 79255215611043700132400606.220.257.310.567
195323ML1NL 116382551041311551213347005013.272.330.429.759A
195424ML1NL 138463601121822164034056036214.242.305.425.731A
195525ML1NL 1334406110415226622140561126612.236.299.457.756A
195626ML1NL 11231137741421648123530151655.238.313.450.763A
195727ML1NL 11838345971121546123038914213.253.308.410.718
195828ML1NL 1314275011623118634148381842414.272.348.457.805A
195929ML1NL 150518651331922172514648839524.257.318.423.741A
196030ML1NL 1425378115814119774634366491215.294.334.430.764A
196131ML1NL 1530363001001000101.200.226.300.526
196232ML1NL 10735035104123845342724226316.297.348.417.765A
196333ML1NL 86259185240328141822503210.
196434SFNNL 6919512458131103222190205.231.309.328.637
196535PITNL 6014011302021010141071113.
196636CLEAL 50108102520480014950003.231.320.361.681
Totals AL 50108102520480014950003.231.320.361.681
Totals NL 15234918575125117718175649262841046890216842159.254.312.404.716
Totals TOT15735026585127617918179657262842447795216842162.254.312.404.716

Fielding Stats
194919BSNNL C 6300.00287396520000
195020BSNNL 1B100.00800000000
195020BSNNL C 7500.003114112730000
195323ML1NL C 10800.005666291360000A
195424ML1NL C 13600.006657981160000A
195525ML1NL C 13100.006116710870000A
195626ML1NL C 10987819.67448442936970A
195727ML1NL 1B103.00210000000
195727ML1NL C 10292845.674145961141137230
195727ML1NL LF114.00000000000
195727ML1NL OF9970.001301000000
195727ML1NL RF9866.001201000000
195828ML1NL C 1241201,076.33659647631331290A
195929ML1NL C 1461421,271.677837151522228320A
196030ML1NL C 1411391,247.6776470109113133260A
196131ML1NL C 5543.331730004210
196232ML1NL 1B5326.002810200000A
196232ML1NL C 9088778.33460543751425210A
196333ML1NL 1B7646.004650700000
196333ML1NL C 7567609.67413384241731210
196434SFNNL C 6557510.0040230371621120
196535PITNL C 6040391.6724823143148120
196636CLEAL C 4939328.6730415320121680
Totals 1B14975.008470900000
Totals C 14798767,922.67735275989116601502411920
Totals LF114.00000000000
Totals OF9970.001301000000
Totals RF9866.001201000000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Batting Stats
1957WSML1NL 619140011011100000.211.250.368.618
1958WSML1NL 7254600130031000010.240.310.360.670
Totals TOT134451000240141100010.227.286.364.649

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
1958NLGold Glove Award
1959NLGold Glove Award
1960NLGold Glove Award
1962NLGold Glove Award

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
1949NLRookie of the Year33242
1953NLMajor League MVP10336T24
1954NLMajor League MVP13033617
1955NLMajor League MVP8033617
1958NLMajor League MVP48033610
1959NLMajor League MVP27033611
1960NLMajor League MVP31033612
1962NLMajor League MVP20280T26

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