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Dean Chance 

Wilmer Dean Chance
Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 6' 3''; Weight: 200
Born 6/1/1941 in Plain Twsp., OH, USA
Debut:  9/11/1961
Final Game:  8/9/1971

Regular Season Stats
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Pitching Stats
196120LA1AL 540200018.33331514051110188116.872.07
196221LA1AL 50241410862206.67195836814665127058642162.961.26
196322LA1AL 45351318362248.0022910988109071681101058743.191.29
196423LA1AL 463520941511278.3319456517869207021093971.651.01A
196524CALAL 363315100104225.671978679121011016439950623.151.32
196625CALAL 413712171112259.6720611389181149180071067823.081.23
196726MINAL 413920141185283.672441098617687220271161922.731.10A
196827MINAL 433916161156292.0022496821563823411011611232.530.98
196928MINAL 20155401088.3376392963535004371432.951.26
197029NYNNL 30011002.00333021000101213.502.50
197029CLEAL 451998411155.001728073185911109166787144.241.49
197130DETAL 31144600089.6791433555046414405453.511.57
Totals AL 4032941281142283332,145.331861829694122737741534965889669592.911.21
Totals NL 30011002.00333021000101213.502.50
Totals TOT4062941281152383332,147.331864832697122739751534965890670612.921.21

Batting Stats
196120LA1AL 55000000000200000.
196221LA1AL 50651400010032900701.
196322LA1AL 458051210030023800700.
196423LA1AL 46893700000035300800.
196524CALAL 36753710050055600500.
196625CALAL 41761200000035401800.
196726MINAL 41922300000075802701.
196827MINAL 43930500030036301900.
196928MINAL 20241100010021901500.
197029NYNNL 30000000000000000.
197029CLEAL 45421300030023200410.
197130DETAL 31210000000001600100.
Totals AL 4036621744200160030420056112.
Totals NL 30000000000000000.
Totals TOT4066621744200160030420056112.

Fielding Stats
196120LA1AL P 5418.33160100000
196221LA1AL P 5024206.6712371200000
196322LA1AL P 4535248.0015466200000
196423LA1AL P 4635278.3310331100000A
196524CALAL P 3633225.6714491600000
196625CALAL P 4137259.6717484700000
196726MINAL P 4139283.6715517600000A
196827MINAL P 4339292.0015575300000
196928MINAL P 201588.33390100000
197029NYNNL P 302.00010000000
197029CLEAL P 4519155.003202200000
197130DETAL P 311489.676166000000
Totals P 4062942,147.33111373333100000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Pitching Stats
1969ALCSMINAL 10000002.00433100200100013.502.00
Totals TOT10000002.00433100200100013.502.00

Batting Stats
1969ALCSMINAL 10000000000000000.
Totals TOT10000000000000000.

- All Star Games -


- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
1964MLCy Young Award
1964ALTSN Pitcher of Year
1967ALTSN Comeback Player of the Year

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
1962ALRookie of the Year1120T3
1964MLCy Young Award1717201
1964ALMajor League MVP9702805
1967ALMajor League MVP19028013

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