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Lou Boudreau 

Louis Boudreau
Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 5' 11''; Weight: 185
Born 7/17/1917 in Harvey, IL, USA
Debut:  9/9/1938
Final Game:  8/24/1952

*****Hall of Fame*****

Regular Season Stats

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Batting Stats
193821CLEAL 11000000001000000.000.500.000.500
193922CLEAL 53225425815401921282400305.258.340.360.700
194023CLEAL 1556279718546109101637339024023.295.370.443.814A
194124CLEAL 1485799514945810569485570314011.257.355.415.770A
194225CLEAL 14750657143181025871675390419012.283.379.370.749A
194326CLEAL 152539691543273674790310020012.286.388.388.776A
194427CLEAL 1505849119145536711373390519010.327.406.437.843A
194528CLEAL 9734550106241348043520022009.307.374.409.783A
194629CLEAL 140515511513066626740140115011.293.345.410.755
194730CLEAL 15053879165453467106710041409.307.388.424.811A
194831CLEAL 15256011619934618106329890216015.355.453.534.987AM
194932CLEAL 134475531352034600170100412019.284.381.364.745
195033CLEAL 8126023701321291231501309.269.349.346.695
195134BOSAL 822733773181547103012064010.267.353.396.748
195235BOSAL 42100002000000100.
Totals TOT164660298611779385666878951507963090341640155.295.380.415.795

Fielding Stats
193821CLEAL 3B100.00000000000
193922CLEAL SS5300.00103184143100000
194023CLEAL SS15500.002774542411600000A
194124CLEAL SS14700.00296444269700000A
194225CLEAL SS14600.002814262610700000A
194326CLEAL C 100.00310000000A
194326CLEAL SS15200.003284882512200000A
194427CLEAL C 100.00110000000A
194427CLEAL SS14900.003395161913400000A
194528CLEAL SS9700.0021728997300000A
194629CLEAL SS13900.00315405229400000
194730CLEAL SS14800.003054751412000000A
194831CLEAL C 100.00000000000AM
194831CLEAL SS15100.002974832011900000AM
194932CLEAL 1B600.004130300000
194932CLEAL 2B100.00220100000
194932CLEAL 3B3800.00347641300000
194932CLEAL SS8800.0017627287800000
195033CLEAL 1B800.003450200000
195033CLEAL 2B200.00100000000
195033CLEAL 3B200.00310000000
195033CLEAL SS6100.0011817044400000
195134BOSAL 1B200.00411100000
195134BOSAL 3B1500.0010272500000
195134BOSAL SS5200.0080153124500000
195235BOSAL 3B100.00000000000
195235BOSAL SS100.00010000000
Totals 1B1600.007991600000
Totals 2B300.00320100000
Totals 3B5700.004710461800000
Totals C 300.00420000000
Totals SS153900.0031324760223118000000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Batting Stats
1948WSCLEAL 622164003001101002.273.333.455.788
Totals TOT622164003001101002.273.333.455.788

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- Awards -
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YearLgAward Name
1948MLTSN Player of the Year
1948ALMajor League MVP

- Award Voting -
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YearLgAwardVotes1st Place VotesMax. VotesFinish
1940ALMajor League MVP11913365
1941ALMajor League MVP100336T17
1942ALMajor League MVP34033610
1943ALMajor League MVP40033610
1944ALMajor League MVP8403366
1945ALMajor League MVP7003368
1946ALMajor League MVP37033610
1947ALMajor League MVP16813363
1948ALMajor League MVP324223361
1949ALMajor League MVP10033614

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