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Zhang Hong-Wei   Support Newbee  League of Legends

Birthdate:  January 18, 1993     24 Years Old

April 20, 2017    Mor News

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RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor floundered with a 1/8/21 KDA in Newbee's 0-3 sweep to EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs.

Mor picked Lulu in Game 1, but had almost no impact with the champion. He and Lwx had a pretty poor laning phase here to open the series. Their comp was just not strong enough to contend with what Edward Gaming put up. He chose Zyra in Game 2 and again had no impact on the game. He didn't really use the champion to the best of her ability to pitch in during teamfights. Mor was on Karma in Game 3 and couldn't really overcome EDG's bottom lane yet again. While he did get an early kill, it didn't continue throughout the rest of the game. There was just nothing at all that he or anyone on Newbee could do to stop EDG from running away with the game.

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April 20, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor floundered with a 1/8/21 KDA in Newbee's 0-3 sweep to EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs.

Mor picked Lulu in Game 1, but had almost no impact with the champion. He and Lwx had a pretty poor laning phase here to open the series. Their comp was just not strong enough to contend with what Edward Gaming put up. He chose Zyra in Game 2 and again had no impact on the game. He didn't really use the champion to the best of her ability to pitch in during teamfights. Mor was on Karma in Game 3 and couldn't really overcome EDG's bottom lane yet again. While he did get an early kill, it didn't continue throughout the rest of the game. There was just nothing at all that he or anyone on Newbee could do to stop EDG from running away with the game.

April 20, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor has a nice showing by going 1/10/31 vs iG on Monday.

The series lasted three games and Mor played three vastly different champions in each. In Game 1, he was excellent with his Malzahar ults. In Game 2, he expertly transitioned to Nami and was great in allowing his teammates to out sustain in extended skirmishes. In Game 3, he brought out the tank support of Braum and made the fringe meta pick look powerful.

March 2, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor ended Newbee's Game 1 loss to iG with a 1/4/3 KDA as Malzahar.

Mor picked up a kill taking out Rookie in the mid game and picked up an assist in the first teamfight of the game. He helped pick off Marge in the mid game, but managed only one other assist coming in the third teamfight of the game. Mor was benched in favor of Pinus for Game 2.

August 7, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB spent a lot of time with a grey screen, finishing the series loss with a KDA of 2/13/16.

In Game 1, MorZB took Tahm Kench to protect HappyY's Jhin, but struggled to do much once NewBee found themselves at a deficit. MorZB also had a tendency to play too aggressively on Tahm Kench, often putting himself in harm's way early in a fight and finding himself running away without being able to save a teammate from IG's focus. In Game 2, MorZB switched to Braum and had a much better time keeping HappyY's Jhin alive. dade had a phenomenal Vladimir this game, and MorZB was able to use his CC to slow down enemies and give dade a chance to successfully engage. In Game 3, MorZB missed out on the Braum to Baolan, leaving him to take Alistar instead. Much like the rest of his team, MorZB struggled to get anything going this game, losing out on his initiation potential because NewBee was simply too far behind. He was also unable to peel the combination of Kid's Hecarim and Zz1tai's Shen, who ran rampant through NewBee's backline and cost them the series.

July 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB took every fight given to him against Snake, ending Newbee's loss with a 3/7/11 KDA.

MorZB's series wasn't anything exceptional, but also was in no way a poor performance. His Trundle in Game 1 was integral to Newbee's nearly successful attempts at holding out against Snake's superior early and mid game, as the Pillar of Ice proved a very effective disengage tool when needed and his Subjugate ensured that the only true tank in the game was V. Game 2 his Alistar went unbanned and he took the champion onto the rift in a performance that was certainly mixed, but not without promise. As usual for MorZB, he chose to fight nearly everything that moved, including during the laning phase. That aggression backfired in lane, as Snake's bottom lane was far superior in elongated trades, but proved to be enormously successful elsewhere. It was his initiations that gave Newbee the picks needed to attempt Baron the two times they did, and while they inevitably lost both of those Barons and the game, it was a loss that couldn't be blamed on MorZB, or any individual player on Newbee.

July 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB ended Newbee's loss to Game Talents with a 1/9/16 KDA.

Mor's play was one of the saving graces of his team come teamfights. In both games he took Alistar onto the rift, and it was his disruption that bought time for Newbee to frantically try to close out teamfights. His early roams were excellent, and he helped Swift and dade build the early lead that Newbee enjoyed each game. Newbee failed to extend those leads, though, which led the game to the later stages of the game, where Game Talents engaged Newbee in full five-on-five teamfights that they were much better equipped to win. Mor was forced to choose between disrupting the GT back line that would shred his front line if left alone, or stalling the GT front line that would hunt down his carries if he didn't stop them. Neither option proved effective, as Game 1 saw GimGoon and WuShuang chase his carries out of the fight, while Game 2 saw PentaQ sit in the back of nearly every fight unmolested, Ricocheting Newbee to death. Game Talents would take the series 2-0, and there was little that Mor could do to stop it - his team simply proved to be the less strategically capable of the two.

July 25, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB ended NewBee's series win over Saint 1/11/35, playing solidly in each match.

MorZB seemed to pick the right tool for the job in each match of the series against Saint, playing well in a tight matchup. In Game 1, MorZB took Alistar and used his CC to set up a number of picks for NewBee. This game was all about both teams trading off assassinations, and the knockups from MorZB helped ensure that NewBee could match Saint's pace. In Game 2, MorZB went back to the Alistar again and played alright, but could do little to stop Saint as chimin and Acorn both played amazingly well and earned a speedy victory for their team. In Game 3, with both junglers going for tanks instead of carries, it looked like the pace of the series would finally slow down. MorZB made the smart decision to switch his pick to Braum, preferring to take a personal protector for HappyY and make sure that his Sivir could survive long enough to deal huge damage. That was exactly what happened in game, as MorZB focused on keeping HappyY alive and let him take over the match, closing out the series in NewBee's favor.

July 23, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB finished the series 2/10/26, looking decent, but not doing much to impress, either.

MorZB looked rather unremarkable against EDG, not managing to either play terribly or wonderfully in either game. In Game 1, MorZB took Trundle alongside HappyY's Jhin to face Deft's Sivir and meiko's Alistar. The NewBee Duo got the advantage due to some great cleanup work by HappyY, but NewBee was unable to fully press their lead, giving EDG time to ramp back up and steal the game away after 66 minutes. In Game 2, MorZB switched to Braum and let V take Trundle, but MorZB again played decently. Unfortunately for him, EDG played much more consistently this game, and NewBee fell behind early and could never manage a comeback.

July 16, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB played a quiet series against World Elite in a series loss, finishing 0/10/7.

MorZB looked extremely forgettable in the loss to World Elite, ending the series with more deaths than kills and assists combined. In Game 1, MorZB picked Bard to complement a global dive squad of Swift's Nocturne, V's Shen, and Dade's Twisted Fate. However, because their dive group was firing off of Swift's Nocturne ultimate, MorZB was less able to use Bard's Tempered Fate for its long range initiation potential. This left him somewhat impotent in teamfights, just trying to find a place to used Tempered Fate to gain incremental advantages rather than setting up actual picks. In Game 2, MorZB switched onto Thresh and found himself in the middle of a war zone, as World Elite dove the bottom lane turret two times very early in the game. MorZB died in both engagements, and as well as a number of other times throughout the game, and generally failed to become the impactful hook-throwing menace that Thresh can be.

July 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB ended the series 1/11/27, using a surprising Trundle pick to close out the win.

Just when it looked like MorZB and NewBee had gotten predictable, he pulled out a new support pick and helped seal the win over LGD. In Game 1, MorZB took Thresh to support HappyY's Sivir and had an excellent game, using Thresh's broad gamut of CC to control fights and protect his carry. In Game 2, MorZB went back to Thresh with HappyY taking Jhin, but had a much harder time preventing the aggression of LGD's comp. With LGD bringing out Intruder on jungle Kha'Zix and MaRin as a top lane Lissandra, there was just too much dive potential to combat effectively. Going into the draft for Game 3, it looked like NewBee would bring out a pretty similar comp to what they had shown before, with V taking the Trundle pick he had used in the first two games. But with the final pick, V switched to Lissandra, pushing MorZB onto a Trundle support. The curveball looked like it would hit the dirt at the start of the game, as MorZB made an ill-advised tower dive while chasing down Intruder's Graves and gave away a kill at level 1. But as the game progressed, MorZB was able to use Trundle's Subjugate to nullify the defenses of MaRin's diving Renekton, letting HappyY pick off his primary assailant and get back to shooting holes in the rest of LGD's lineup. HappyY didn't die in the final game of this series, which is obviously to his credit, but MorZB's creative change-up should earn some of the praise as well.

June 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB finished NewBee's series loss to Royal Never Give Up on Sunday at a 1/9/22 KDA.

=MorZB finished with a decent scoreline for a loss, a KDA ratio of 2.56 and a kill participation of 64 percent. He had a hard time in Game 1 while mlxg was able to snowball all of RNG's lanes early. Although HappyY and MorZB didn't get killed the way the rest of NewBee was, the CS lead of RNG and the heavy map pressure brought by mlxg's success pushed them back away from their tower and farm, and forced MorZB to stick around HappyY to keep him safe. Mata was able to roam around, help get objectives and further pressure RNG's already winning lanes, but MorZB was stuck in the one lane and didn't end up having hardly any use in a game without teamfighting. Game 3 was the same story, losing in the bottom lane, never getting a chance to roam or create teamfights, and NewBee went down twice before 30 minutes. It was Game 2 where there was a little glimmer of what MorZB could be able to bring to the party if he was given a slight lead. Before minions spawned, Mor and HappyY forced Uzi's flash and then punished his immobility, taking his Krug start away and getting an early double kill with the help of Swift when Uzi pushed up too far. NB was able to use this advantage to not only snowball Swift into finding more successful ganks but also to get HappyY ahead. When they found several kills in the jungle after RNG tried to stick around after a Dragon fight, NewBee had found enough of an advantage to push RNG back. MorZB's Trundle helped his now stronger team chase down fleeing enemies, and NewBee, despite expectations, took a game off of the top ranked RNG.

June 26, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB finished Newbee's loss to I MAY with a 1/9/13 KDA.

MorZB's Thresh looked excellent in Game 1, starting off his ADC HappyY with a pair of kills that were set up by clutch hooks from MorZB. However, his support play was not enough to keep his team in the game, as a few questionably aggressive decisions from his top laner and jungler eventually put I MAY back into contention. In Game 2, MorZB changed to Bard and found himself on the wrong end of a level 1 engagement, dying in a full teamfight before minions had reached their lanes. Mor didn't look bad on Bard necessarily, but I MAY was able to snowball their early lead into an insurmountable advantage, resulting in a disappointing 0/5/3 KDA for the Newbee support.

June 15, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB earned a 3/12/42 KDA in Newbee's 2-1 series win against Saint

MorZB didn't have the best showing against Saint, with his performance reflective of Newbee's lack of communication and teamwork. In Game 1, MorZB's Braum died early in a 2-vs-2 lane fight, looking out-of-sync with lane partner HappyY. As the game progressed, Newbee looked scattered and uncoordinated, losing objectives across the map, but winning teamfights when it counted, MorZB's ended with a 0/4/24 KDA for a team-high 92 percent kill participation. In Game 2, MorZB's Alistar was disappointing, missing the Headbutt/Pulverize several times, wasting ultimates and important summoner spells, and playing carelessly, resulting in a 1/6/7 KDA. MorZB had a better time in Game 3, returning to Braum as Dade's constant splitpushing allowed the rest of Newbee to take favorable teamfights across the map. MorZB was instrumental in blocking damage from Styz's Caitlyn, earning a 2/2/11 KDA as Newbee took Game 3 in 40 minutes.

May 30, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

MorZB earned a 3/12/23 KDA in NewBee's victory against Invictus Gaming on Saturday.

There are supports who actively impact their team and help turn the game to their advantage, and then there are supports like MorZB. He started off the series with Bard, perhaps in an effort to prove that he could expand his limited champion pool. MorZB took several skill shots to the face when he could have dodged, taking out a large chunk of his health even though he was in no danger due to his healing shrines and potions. Even so, it is general consensus that it is better to avoid something than to soak up the damage and have to waste mana healing it. This trend of being caught in a risky position then expending great effort to save himself continued throughout the series. MorZB's saving grace was that he managed to land Bard's ultimate on crucial targets to help turn the teamfight to NewBee's advantage on several occasions. His performance on Karma in Game 2 was not particularly spectacular, either. MorZB was caught out and killed, which left his AD Carry HappyY vulnerable on multiple occasions. MorZB may have picked up new champions, but he still has to learn how to change his playstyle to account for their lack of tanking capability, otherwise he is more of a hindrance than a help to his team.

May 26, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor earned a 2/17/32 KDA in Newbee's loss to EDG, despite one of the stronger performances of his career.

It's a rare day where Mor earns strong praise after a series loss. Far more often, he himself is a key contributor to his team's defeat, often getting caught out before fights even begin or getting banned out. Today, though, he performed admirably and finally silenced his critics that have, not without basis, claimed that he was all but worthless when separated from his Braum or Alistar. While it would be a stretch to call his Bard spectacular -- his laning was too weak to make such a descriptor justifiable -- it was far better than he's shown on the champion thus far and was nearly enough to earn Newbee the upset victory against EDG. His Tempered Fates were the primary source of engage for his team, and he didn't leave them disappointed. As the split moves on, we'll see if this series was an outlier or if he really has adapted another champion into his stunted champ pool.

April 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor ended QG's series loss to WE with a combined 0/9/14 KDA.

Mor was able to keep Uzi safe in Game One playing Braum. He warded well for his AD Carry to play his signature aggressive style as the QG bot lane got off to an excellent start. Mor was able to pick up three assists during the game's first team fight and set up kills throughout the game using his passive as QG took the Game One victory. Mor played Karma in Game Two but struggled to really impact the game outside of fast pushing the top tier one tower. He struggled to effectively poke down the WE health bars as QG fell behind early and never really got into the game. Mor went back to Braum in Game Three and kept Uzi safe again during the laning phase. He gave away first blood during a 3v4 fight in the top lane and protected Uzi in team fights as QG looked to Uzi to carry them to victory. Mor was unable to keep Uzi alive forever as WE took Game Three and the series win.

March 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor finished QG's Thursday series loss with a combined 1/6/23 KDA in three games on Braum.

Mor helped QG to a Game One win, finishing with a 1/1/12 KDA. His lone death came during a 2-vs-3 fight in the top lane. He was able to use both his ultimate to knock up multiple EPA members and his passive to set up kills in team fights throughout the game. In Game Two, Mor finished with a 0/2/3 KDA as EPA evened the series. The QG bottom lane fell behind early and never really caught up. Mor did his best to disengage and set up plays, but with his team far behind, he struggled to impact the game. In the final game of the series Mor played well, ending with a 0/3/8 KDA. He helped fast push the bottom and top tier one towers early and kept Peco safe throughout the early game. Mor was able to set up kills once again by using his ultimate and passive as QG took the momentum in the late game before a Gimgoon backdoor ended the game in a tough way.

February 19, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Mor boldly charged into the OMG lineup time and again, managing a 0/10/31 KDA for his efforts.

Mor is a player who has both recognized and accepted his role on the team: Go in and start the fight, dying if need be. Die he certainly did in his victory over OMG, as Game One saw him leading the game in deaths with his ten, many of which were, frankly, of dubious value to his team. Still, he managed to be there when his team needed him, and his Braum performance was integral to giving his incredibly damaging backline the time they needed to win more than one close fight. Game Two was entirely different, though, as while he still dove in like a madman, it was OMG who took trips to the spawn pool after he did, not Mor. The coming weeks, though, have teams in story for QG that will make it much more difficult for them to claw back into a lost game than OMG did, and only time will tell what will happen once they are forced to take the rift against such a team. Mor's score in the future will depends on how QG meet these challenges.

January 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

While Mor might not share the incredible KDA both of his ADC's enjoyed, he still was vital to QG's sweep of Snake, bringing pressure in skirmishes and fights that Snake found hard to address.

The slow, plodding macro heavy style games like Game One of this series can be fought on the KDA's of team's supporting members, making them far from ideal for fantasy owners. Mor, though, contributed despite not putting up incredible numbers through vision, technically the primary responsibility of a support in the first place. In team fights he was just as menacing as in the vision game, using his engage smartly in both games and lining up his carries to get the kills. At the end of the day, fantasy owners should most value supports who can consistently win games, and while Mor might not have spectacular KDA's, he never suffers from terrible ones either, which makes him invaluable as a support pick for any fantasy lineup.

January 22, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

After setting up every fight for QG, Mor earned himself a game with no deaths and 100 percent kill participation in Game Two against EPA.

The number of perfect games that have been played in League of Legends can be counted on one's hands. Last night Mor added another to their number, proving to be impossible to kill for EPA, despite throwing himself deep into the fray endlessly. Considering last split saw Mor easily the weakest member of the squad, this turnaround shows tremendous growth on his part. With a scoreline like 1/5/32 in a series, the sky may well be the limit for Mor. For owners looking for some massive points from the support role, look no further.