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April 20, 2017    Swift News

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RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift put up a KDA of 10/15/17 in Newbee's 0-3 sweep to EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs.

Swift was on Elise in the first game and didn't have the greatest of showings. He started off the game by getting picked off during an early fight where Meiko was just lying in wait for the jungler. He additionally wasn't able to contest Fireloli in terms of neutral-objective control, as he was down in CS all game long and lost both Barons in the 36-minute loss. Swift went with Rumble in Game 2 and was fairly consistent. He helped Mouse with the first blood just six minutes in and made his presence felt throughout the map pretty often. He had a huge lead in the jungle to help control the map, which eventually led to the first Baron. But there was no followup late into the game as EDG picked up a 2-0 lead. Swift moved over to Lee Sin in Game 3 and couldn't really manage to get ahead. He died a game-high six times in the loss and wasn't really a contributing factor in the game, which is why they were easily defeated and bounced from the playoffs.

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April 20, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift put up a KDA of 10/15/17 in Newbee's 0-3 sweep to EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs.

Swift was on Elise in the first game and didn't have the greatest of showings. He started off the game by getting picked off during an early fight where Meiko was just lying in wait for the jungler. He additionally wasn't able to contest Fireloli in terms of neutral-objective control, as he was down in CS all game long and lost both Barons in the 36-minute loss. Swift went with Rumble in Game 2 and was fairly consistent. He helped Mouse with the first blood just six minutes in and made his presence felt throughout the map pretty often. He had a huge lead in the jungle to help control the map, which eventually led to the first Baron. But there was no followup late into the game as EDG picked up a 2-0 lead. Swift moved over to Lee Sin in Game 3 and couldn't really manage to get ahead. He died a game-high six times in the loss and wasn't really a contributing factor in the game, which is why they were easily defeated and bounced from the playoffs.

April 20, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift had great day going 6/5/14 in Monday's playoff win vs iG.

Swift knew he was squaring off against an inexperienced jungler in Rio. He was able to punish the unfamiliarity by always staying one step ahead on ganks, jungle clearing and rotation to neutral objectives. With all of Newbee playing so well, they are looking incredibly strong going into the rest of the playoffs.

April 15, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift went 9/18/17 in Newbee's 1-2 loss to Team WE on Friday.

Swift had a bit of an odd game here against WE in Game 1. He was the main one doing it all for Newbee early on in the game, tallying five kills by 15 minutes. As the game progressed, though, he fell apart and didn't bring much to the table as WE started to runaway with the game. Then Lwx started to pop off, and Swift managed to follow up with nice damage to assist his teammate in the late fight that won them the game. The rest of the series was much poorer for Swift, though. He didn't do much at all in a Game 2 loss that only lasted 23 minutes, but even the 3/4/3 performance there was better than what transpired in Game 3. He was on Rengar in that game and failed to show up period. He had no kills to his name while dying a game-high five times. With a playoff spot still in the cards for Newbee, they need more from their jungler.

March 12, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift had a dismal KDA of 1/6/5 in Friday's loss to RNG.

In a series that featured many more poor plays than good for Newbee, Swift perhaps took the cake for the most embarrassing blunder of the night. While just level three in Game 1, Swift decided to make a cheeky play on his Graves. He had two deep wards around mlxg's wolf camp and went for the invade. Somehow, he managed to miss his Smite when lunging into the weakened Nocturne, then proceeded to take wolf aggro on his way to a completely inexcusable first blood death. After the bad start, he somewhat salvaged his early game by taking first dragon, however by the time he got his first kill, it was 25 minutes into a game that had already been all but decided. The second game featured Swift on the tankier Rek'sai and he actually managed to execute a decent early gank on the bottom lane, which resulted in both members of RNG's bot lane using all of their summoners. Still though, he finished the game with no kills and had nowhere near the production his team needed.

March 2, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift ended Thursday's sweep to iG with a 3/6/5 combined KDA.

Swift ended Game 1 with a 2/3/2 KDA as Graves. He picked up a kill during a 2-vs-2 fight in the top lane and a kill in the first teamfight of the game. He grabbed an assist picking off Marge in the mid game and an assist in the third teamfight of the game as Newbee dropped Game 1. In Game 2, Swift used Rengar and ended with a 1/3/3 KDA. He picked up an assist diving Duke in the top lane and an assist diving Marge in the mid game. He grabbed an assist in the second teamfight, with his lone kill coming in the final teamfight.

August 7, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift had a mediocre day, going 8/13/18 in the loss.

While Swift didn't have the worst day of anyone on NewBee, he looked an awful lot worse than his opposite number, Kid. In Game 1, Swift took Graves against Kid's Hecarim and struggled to keep up with the rampaging horse. Swift did grab all three kills that NewBee managed in this game, but when your team can only pick up three kills in total, you generally aren't on the winning end of the conflict. In Game 2, Swift took Hecarim away from Kid, forcing him to go with Elise instead. Swift's Hecarim did not look up to the same level as Kid's, but he did still manage a 1/2/13 KDA by punishing Rookie's Orianna pick in the mid lane. Going into Game 3, NewBee decided not to steal the Hecarim pick away from Kid, choosing instead to let Swift play Rek'Sai. This proved disastrous, as even though Swift's Rek'Sai looked decent, Kid's Hecarim was absolutely devastating and combined with Zz1tai's Shen to rip through NewBee's backline. After Swift found himself caught out while trying to make a desperation Baron steal, there was little NewBee could do to stop the oncoming IG threat and they lost the series.

July 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift seemed off his usual form, as he earned a mere 4/8/9 KDA during his defeat against Snake.

While the series started out solidly for Swift, it wouldn't end that way. His Graves play in Game 1 was as solid as we've come to expect form arguably the foremost Graves player in the region. His early pressure was excellent, and while his late game teamfighting left a bit to be desired, much of his weaknesses later came after Snake secured a strong gold lead off Baron buff, a Baron that he couldn't get the smite steal on despite having superior burst damage. The neutral objective woes continued into Game 2, and seems to be something of an emerging trend for Newbee after their loss to Game Talents earlier in the week hinged upon missed smites. On two separate occasions, Newbee had the opportunity to get back into the game with a free Baron take, and on both of those occasions, it was SofM who got the crucial smite off, not Swift. The lost objectives gave Snake an overwhelming lead in turret gold, one that they eventually leveraged to finish the series after a climactic teamfight, leaving Newbee to return home disappointed in their 0-2 finish.

July 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift ended Newbee's 0-2 defeat to Game Talents with a 1/9/19 KDA.

Swift proved that the emergent jungle meta is still one in which he can compete, as the fall of ADC junglers made Swift's legacy a questionable one. His Gragas play that he showcased across the series was on the whole solid, proving that he has a list of champions to call upon beyond the out of favor Graves and Kindred or the hotly contested Rek'Sai. His teamfight play was exceptional, as his casks often split up Game Talents entirely. Unfortunately, that fact was made largely irrelevant since Game Talents' front line was so strong that they simply took down Swift's carries without the assistance of their back line. With their damage dealers either dead or forced to retreat, there was little Swift could do to swing the teamfights in his team's direction. In a series that was entirely decided by said teamfights, that proved to be a lethal truth, and Newbee got swept by Game Talents after some hotly contested games.

July 25, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

NewBee played heavily off of Swift in a win against Saint, earning him a 14/11/26 KDA in the series win.

Swift directed the pace of NewBee's play against Saint, pushing their tempo to match his selection out of the jungle. In Game 1, Swift picked Kha'Zix with the final choice in the draft, giving NewBee a strong pick composition. The game ended up heavily pick-focused for both sides, with the teams alternating their assassinations right up until a climactic teamfight that went in NewBee's favor. In Game 2, Swift switched to Hecarim and had a much tougher game, never quite getting the horse to be durable enough to stick around in fights. chimin also played an extremely effective jungle Graves on the other side of the map, and Saint ran away with the quick victory. In Game 3, Swift ended the streak of jungle carries by picking up Rek'Sai, pushing both teams towards a much more teamfight-focused game. In addition to some strong individual play by Swift, this shift towards a slower game unlocked the potential of HappyY's Sivir, allowing him to take over the game and seal the series for NewBee.

July 23, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift had a great 12/8/17 KDA for the series, but he still couldn't take a game off of EDG.

At the start of Game 1, it looked like everything was going Swift's way, as he used Nidalee's early pressure to focus top lane and execute three successful ganks. This turned Swift into a poking menace for much of the game, using his long-range spears to pick off the members of EDG along with HappyY's Jhin ultimate. However, NewBee took a very cautious line of play with their lead, giving EDG time to rebuild and eventually get Deft's Sivir to full damage-dealing potential. By the end of the game, NewBee could no longer get to Deft in the back line, and he was able to shred all of NewBee and pull the win out of their grasp. After losing such a long, heartbreaking game, NewBee looked spent in Game 2. Swift still played a solid game on Hecarim, but he was outshined by Clearlove's Kindred and again could not stop Deft's well-fed Sivir.

July 15, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift finished the series 5/9/6 after having his aggression countered by World Elite.

Swift and NewBee brought out some interesting strategies against World Elite, but WE was up to the challenge. In Game 1, Swift selected Nocturne as part of a global dive comp, alongside Dade's Twisted Fate and V's Shen. Initially, it looked like the strategy might work, as the trio were able to dive 957's Maokai at his turret and secure an early kill. But, as the game progressed, the group dive was consistently met by negative results. In the first instance, the trio managed to eliminate xiye's Malzahar, but then lost the ensuing 5-vs-4 teamfight anyways because of some excellent play from Mystic's Lucian and Condi's Graves. And in the second instance, the dive team tried to catch out Mystic, only to be met by an Ultimate from Zero's Braum that stopped the assassination attempt cold in its tracks. In the second game, Swift switched to Elise and watched from the jungle as Condi's Hecarim got off to a blistering start. NewBee was able to come back a little, but Swift made a few desperate objective steals against a Cloud Drake and then a Baron that only wound up with him killed and the rest of his team falling back to watch WE's ensuing push.

July 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift earned a 6/10/27 KDA in the series win over LGD with some inconsistent jungle play across the series.

Swift had an up and down series against LGD, but he did eventually lead NewBee to the win. In Game 1, Swift took Hecarim into the jungle against Eimy's Gragas and got off to a great start, participating in the game's first two kills. He was quickly picked off in a failed invade, but spent the rest of the game serving as a disruptive force and NewBee's front line. In Game 2, LGD brought in a different jungler, Intruder, and NewBee decided to try and squeeze out the typical pool of junglers with a Rek'Sai ban and a Graves pick for Swift. However, Intruder's Kha'Zix looked amazing in this game, and even though Swift's 3/4/2 Graves performance was nothing to scoff at, LGD took this game on the back of the new jungler. This led to a Game 3, where Swift took Rek'Sai and Intruder took Graves, which ended up being a much better jungle matchup for NewBee. In spite of a relatively early death to a long-range Boomerang Blade from Imp's Sivir, Swift still managed to play the supportive jungle tank in the best possible way, finishing the game 1/2/16 and sealing the series for NewBee.

July 9, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift finished the series 2/8/13 after losing a tremendously long Game 1.

Swift looked solid against OMG on Saturday, but solid wasn't quite enough to take the victory for Newbee. In Game 1, Swift took Elise into the jungle and managed to set up a number of kills for his team early on. But as the game progressed, Swift found his AP-focused build becoming less and less effective at actually killing off the well-farmed members of OMG. By the time the game had gone past 60 minutes, Swift was spending most fights running away from the opposition of waiting for his GA to recover. That's less of a critique on Swift's playstyle as a fact of life with Elise, who has consistent early game power spikes and utility, but doesn't have the same influence on the game once it begins to drag on. By Game 2, NewBee looked disheartened, and Swift's Gragas was unable to get anything going as OMG unleashed a roaming death squad of Thresh, Lissandra and Zed.

June 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift finishes NewBee's loss to Royal Never Give Up with a 6/10/15 KDA.

This series, at its core, was all about the junglers, and in the end, Swift could not match up to the pressure and confidence mlxg brought to the Jungle matchup. In Game 1, Swift was not only down by three successful lane ganks that were snowballing every single member of RNG ahead, he also was being counter jungled by mlxg's Elise and was over 60 CS behind at one point, with RNG's jungler doubling Swift's number. There was a brief spot of hope in the mid game when Swift set up a trap in his own jungle with Dade and managed to find a slightly messy, but successful ace that almost evened out the massive gold lead RNG had acquired. However, without the element of surprise, NB failed to win any of the following teamfights, and in the end were crushed down by RNG's unrelenting pressure. In Game 2, Swift picked up, getting the previously successful Elise for himself. After HappyY managed to burn Uzi's flash early, Swift ganked bottom and helped his AD Carry get a first blood double kill. From there he earned another gank kill in mid, and despite his Elise not being as explosive as mlxg's, Swift got his team rolling early and shut down mlxg's attempts to do the same. Swift was still being massively out farmed, but his contribution to the rest of his team and his gold from kills and assists made up for that. With RNG's jungler unable to impact his side lanes, NewBee turned around and decisively won Game 2. Game 3 rolled around and again, it was all a game of early jungle pressure. Swift could not catch a break with his Nidalee; he was unable to find hardly any ganks and despite being on the best farming jungler in the game, he somehow still was being counter jungled and out CS'd by mlxg to a massive degree. Swift showed in Game 2 that he has the potential to get his team the leads that bring them wins, he just couldn't deliver reliable results.

June 26, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift finished Newbee's loss to I MAY with a 7/12/15 KDA.

Swift opened up the series with a first pick Rek'Sai in Game 1, starting off with a strong, hyperaggressive early game that resulted in a huge lead for the rest of his team, especially Dade. However, as the game progressed, that aggression caught up to Swift, first in the form of a failed Baron fight and then again in a series of deep dives that ended up solidifying I May's comeback. In Game 2, I May snatched away the Rek'Sai with their first pick, pushing Swift onto Graves. Swift never looked comfortable this game, as all of I May rode Rek'Sai's pressure to an early lead, allowing them to neutralize Swift's Graves in any teamfights.

June 15, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift earned finished Newbee's 2-1 series win against Saint with a 15/12/25 KDA.

Swift channeled his inner Magikarp in Game 1, getting caught with frightening consistency throughout all stages of the game. Swift's over-aggression on Kindred gave Saint a 30-minute Baron, but Newbee was able to stall the game out until 55 minutes, when Swift secured the second Baron and Newbee won a decisive four-for-zero fight. In Game 2, while Swift's Graves didn't get picked off nearly as much as his Kindred, his positioning in fights left much to be desired, finishing the game with a 3/5/4 KDA. Game 3 saw Swift back on Kindred, again playing super aggressively. This game, however, Swift's team was around to back his moves up, allowing Swift room to operate in fights, leading to Swift's 6/1/7 KDA and a 40 minute win for Newbee.

May 30, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift went 14/11/16 in NewBee's victory against Invictus Gaming on Saturday.

Perhaps Swift felt that it fell to him to be the aggressive carry on the team following Doinb's departure. Swift died many times, and was often the first to fall in teamfights. Admittedly, it wasn't his fault when he was ambushed while farming the jungle, but the fact remains that he barely managed to maintain a positive KD ratio. He managed to salvage himself in Game 3 with a KDA of 9/2/7, but there's really not much that can be said about his gameplay. He was ambushed multiple times in the brush and made risky decisions which culminated in his death.

May 26, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift earned a 8/11/22 KDA after getting thrashed by Clearlove in Newbee's loss to EDG.

With the loss of Newbee's other carry threat, Doinb, to internal issues over the offseason, Swift's role on the team became even more pivotal. Newbee had long been a team of roleplayers that won due to the dynamic that all of them together achieved, and with part of that system out of the picture, it wil be a trial for them to maintain their same dominance. Unfortunately, Swift's first meeting of the season with the venerable veteran of the LPL, jungler Clearlove, did not go well. He fell behind in pressure from nearly the word go, and never recovered it. While in the second game his Lee Sin still managed to salvage the game, his performance over the course of the series was hard to defend, especially in the third game where his repeated early ganks of Scout got him a considerable early advantage that still failed to earn his team the win.

April 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift earned an average 3.3/2.4/7.4 KDA over the course of the LPL Spring Split.

As the linchpin of QG, Swift's numbers are expected to be quite impressive, and while his KDA might not be quite there, his CS per minute for a jungler is incredible. This discrepancy highlights why Swift was central to QG's playstyle: he was a carry threat and played like it. Throughout most of League's history, the jungler role has been that of a second, slightly more wealthy support. This season, though, has seen that logic thrown entirely upon its head as the meta has come to be ruled by three junglers who share one characteristic: being primary damage dealers in their own right. For player like Swift who prefers to grind out the opposing jungler rather than try to win his team's lanes, this metagame was a godsend. Unfortunately, without Doinb to cover for his aggression later in the season, Swift's playstyle collapsed in on itself, as none of his replacements had the same synergy. The future for Swift and all of QG is uncertain, as the rift between the two Korean stars of the team threatens to undermine the partnership on which QG was built, one that the team is nothing without.

April 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift ended QG's series loss to World Elite with a combined 0/9/9 KDA.

Swift was able to effectively use Gragas in Game One team fights to help QG to victory. His use of Explosive Cask was excellent to both knock members of World Elite into his team for kills and to disengage away from fights when needed. Swift struggled in Game Two to have any real impact as WE put a slow stranglehold over the game on their way to tying the series. Swift had no impact on the early game, and was solo killed in the mid game by Condi before finishing the game with no kills or assists. Swift went back to Gragas in Game Three, and was bullied early on by an invading Condi. Swift struggled to impact the early game, and couldn't set up enough kills in team fights as QG began to lose control of the game. WE were able to take advantage, and ran through QG in the late game as they took the series win.

March 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift finished Thursday's series loss to EPA with a combined 7/7/20 KDA.

Swift displayed excellent pathing in QG's Game One win, ending with a 4/1/8 KDA as Gragas. He was able to invade into the EPA jungle early to pick up first blood in the third minute of the game which Swift then parlayed into pressuring lanes and allow QG to get ahead. His lone death came in a 4-vs-4 fight in the top lane and he was able to pick up a kill in the final team fight of the game. Swift followed that strong performance with a questionable Game Two, pulling out Kha'Zix and ending with a 0/5/3 KDA. Looking to replicate his Game One success he again invaded into the EPA jungle, but this time found neither Crisis nor camps to take away. This set him behind from the start and he struggled to catch up, being killed often as he was underpowered all game long. Game Three, the good Swift returned once more, ending the game with a 3/1/9 KDA on Ekko. Swift was able to get off to a good start again in Game Three and helped get his lanes ahead early, even picking up a double kill during a 2-vs-2 fight in the mid lane. Game Three was close throughout, but Swift was able to set up kills and even front line as a pseudo-tank for QG before being backdoored by Gimgoon to drop the series in tough fashion.

March 25, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift had an off series against LGD, earning a 5/8/4 KDA in their upset loss.

It's been said, not unreasonably, that QG lives and dies based on Swift's performance. This series was could not have demonstrated that more clearly. Both games saw Swift's early-game attempts to impact the map fail, attempts that QG were desperate to have succeed to pull them back from the deficit that they're poor lane swaps. In Game One, he recovered in skirmishes, leading his team both in damage and kills. Game Two, there would be no such respite for Swift and he ended the game with a pathetic 0/3/2 KDA, having made next to no impact on the game outside of the one skirmish QG came out on top of. Whatever fire that Swift's loss to Spirit at IEM ignited has now been clearly extinguished, and if QG want to have a successful post-season they're going to need to relight it.

March 21, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Despite a miserable Game One, Swift managed to rally along with his team to reverse-sweep the series, earning a 12/12/34 KDA.

Some games QG, and Swift/Doinb in particular, seem to still be asleep when they take to the Rift. Famously, this bizarre dichotomy is what kept QG out of last year's Worlds at the hands of iG - they simply looked nothing like that team that one a week earlier had given LGD a run for their money. This series would start out in much the same way for Swift as his Game One performance could best be described as useless. He could do little but watch as his team fell further and further behind until their Nexus exploded. Games Two and Three, though, were another beast entirely, as if the embarrassing Game One defeat had awakened QG from their stupor. Swift brought Kindred to both games, filling a role that was at times that of a secondary ADC and at other times nearly that of a tank as he boldly dashed into iG to provoke advantageous fights. When the dust settled, Swift had one of his best performances to date and his Kindred play was a model of how to ideally use that champion.

March 13, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift seems on track to stay on form after earning a 7/7/30 KDA in victory over EDG.

Swift's streak of excellent form seems to have continued into this match, as his Gragas play was responsible for the early leads that QG enjoyed in both games. Every play that Clearlove tried to make was immediately countered by Swift. Counterganking was not the extent of Swift's contributions, though, as he was vigilant in making his own opportunities. In team fights, he joined forced with V to make a frontline that Deft's Kog'Maw simply couldn't answer before Uzi shredded the tanks that were intended to keep him safe. Overall, this performance lends hope to those that thought that Swift's embarrassment at IEM at the hands of Spirit would lead to a new era for the jungler. So far, such a storyline seems to be playing out before our eyes, and fans of the team can only hope this continues through playoffs.

March 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift earned a 8/4/19 KDA in his victory over HYG, aggressively punishing their positioning in order to take home the win.

Of all the QG players except perhaps Doinb, Swift seemed to have had the worst performance at IEM Katowice. His famously aggressive play was all but gone, and the few moves he made in the enemy jungle seemed forced and ill-advised. While matching up against Spirit is always a daunting task, few expected Swift to implode as hard as he did during those crucial matches. Today's games, then, should come as a breath of fresh air for QG, as Swift was back on form and looking for more. While he was one most punished for QG's early over-zealousness Game One, he still came out of that game with an exceptional score. Game Two, though, was where he truly got his chance to shine, answering HYG's targeted bans on him with one of the best Lee Sin performances the LPL has seen since the days of InSec. While HYG may not be the most stalwart opponents, if Spirit stays continues on this level of form he should be on track to keep his team on top of the LPL.

February 22, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift managed to survive a harrowing series that saw him both at his best and his worst, ending with a 5/6/17 KDA.

While the first two games might have been catastrophic for the rest of his team, Swift really only struggled in the second. He wasn't a part of the fights that caused his team to have such a deficit in Game One - though it's arguable that's what caused them to lose said fights - and instead focused on farming hard, like the rest of his team inevitably was forced to do. The game was strange in that QG actually won every team fight that occurred -- they just lost so much early game that they still were behind despite that, and Swift's 4/0/7 KDA looks bafflingly out of place considering most pundits would say QG barely managed to win this game. Game Two, though, was an unmitigated disaster for QG, and Swift was no exception: falling to a countergank at the beginning of the game, and never managing to do more than protect Uzi via vision control from then on. Caveman, the enemy support, even ended the game with substantially more gold than Swift, who was forced to donate his jungle to his teammates, and got few assists to compensate him. Game Three saw him return with a vengeance, though, as his Lee Sin play so utterly crushed VG that it made most wonder if QG had simply been playing with them thus far. He effortlessly made plays that even experienced players of the notoriously difficult champion would have balked at, and helped carry his team to a victory in a series that was far too close.

February 19, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift dove into OMG even against possible odds, buying the time his team needed for huge Game One comeback before earning a 9/5/20 KDA over the course of the series.

Nearly every game Swift plays is a testament to his dominance, and while Game One was a bit more shaky than normal for QG, Game Two saw Swift in peak form. His Nidalee was simply everywhere, hunting down OMG whenever they overstepped. He nearly singlehandedly handed Luo a terrible KDA as he tried to escape from his rampage. Game One, though, was just as large a victory for him, though a victory of a different sort. Swift served as the sole tank for QG for most of the game, yet he thrived despite that. It was his peel and disciplined team fighting that gave V and Peco the opportunities to carry a game that had seemed to be all but lost, and his assist line certainly showed it. While the road ahead might be a trying one for QG, there's little doubt that Swift, at least, will emerge on the other side of it with a KDA that other junglers would only dream of.

January 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

While Swift might not have scored the same crazy KDA's he's become somwhat infamous for in this series, his 7/3/15 KDA is still excellent, and his contribution to the victory was undeniable.

In some respects, slow macro-heavy games like Game One of this series hose junglers, and the rapid rotations and cautious play make it very difficult to get the snowballing ganks that junglers need in order to inflate their KDA. Swift made the best of it, though, proving critical in the few clutch fights that QG needed him in to break the game open, time and again blowing Snake away with his incredible burst as Graves. Game Two was a very different game, though, as some early skirmishing saw QG score some early kills, kills that sent Swift and Doinb into a snowball that Snake never found the answer to. Swift is competing only with Clearlove for the honor of being LPL's top jungler, and he's certainly time made a good argument for himself. For fantasy owners, he's a no-brainer, as he routinely scores KDA's that are just short of ridiculous, and his team seems nothing short of unstoppable now.

January 22, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

Swift was everywhere during QG's rout of EPA, earning himself an 11/5/21 KDA.

This is not the first time we've seen an incredible mismatch in the skill of two team's junglers, and the results here were about typical. While Swift's play wasn't immaculate --- especially his incredibly ill-advised brawl with Crisis at the beginning of Game One --- it was overall the same level we've come to expect from him this split. Considering the only possible opposition to Qiao Gu as a whole seems to be the revitalized Royal Never Give Up roster, Swift is looking to be a top option moving forward, and is poised to lead the league easily in points assuming QG come out on top over RNG.