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Bao Bogdan   Top Laner Newbee  League of Legends

Birthdate:  October 25, 1994     22 Years Old

April 20, 2017    V News

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RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V went 5/13/20 in Newbee's 0-3 sweep to EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs.

V started out the game by not doing much at all. He was even in CS throughout the entire game, but he was never able to really get ahead of Mouse, who thoroughly dominated the lane. With no help from this lane, Newbee were run over in the 36-minute loss. V took Nautilus onto the Rift in Game 2 and still couldn't help his team get the win. He was much better in terms of kills, even getting the first blood just six minutes in. As the game progressed, there just wasn't enough support from the mid and bottom lanes to overcome EDG in the late game. V was on Fizz in the final game and never got into a good groove at all. He only had one kill in the game, and while he did have eight assists, it still wasn't enough of a showing from him and his teammates to stop the sweep.

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April 20, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V went 5/13/20 in Newbee's 0-3 sweep to EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals of the LPL Spring Playoffs.

V started out the game by not doing much at all. He was even in CS throughout the entire game, but he was never able to really get ahead of Mouse, who thoroughly dominated the lane. With no help from this lane, Newbee were run over in the 36-minute loss. V took Nautilus onto the Rift in Game 2 and still couldn't help his team get the win. He was much better in terms of kills, even getting the first blood just six minutes in. As the game progressed, there just wasn't enough support from the mid and bottom lanes to overcome EDG in the late game. V was on Fizz in the final game and never got into a good groove at all. He only had one kill in the game, and while he did have eight assists, it still wasn't enough of a showing from him and his teammates to stop the sweep.

April 20, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V played the hero for Newbee with a 12/4/12 KDA in playoff sweep vs iG Monday.

V had a tall task in squaring off against world champion Duke in the top lane. However by the time the match was over, V was the one looking world class. In Game 1, he dominated the 1-vs-1 against Duke by playing Fizz. In Game 2, he again played a carry and had a solid Rumble showing by scoring 7 assists. In Game 3, he changed his role and played Nautilus as a tank, he ended up not dying proving he can match up against anyone in the LPL.

April 15, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V put up a 1/8/13 KDA in Games 1 and 2 of Newbee's 1-2 loss against Team WE on Friday.

V started out the game pretty poorly in Game 1, and it didn't get better from there. Early on in the marathon that was Game 1, he didn't do much else but die. This set his team back by quite a bit while they were trailing WE in the early and mid game. It looked as though WE were going handily run away with the game before Newbee secured a very late Elder Dragon and Baron on the back of Lwx popping off to finally win after 66 minutes. In a complete 180, WE completely ran away with Game 2, while V was powerless to do anything to stop it. His lackluster performances in both games led to his being benched for Game 3.

March 12, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V limped to a 1/6/5 KDA in a poor showing against RNG Friday night.

Top down economic theory? More like top down domination theory. In a series where Newbee struggled to get anything accomplished, V struggled to gain meaningful advantages in the early, mid or late game in NB's series against the surging Royal Never Give Up. Game 1 started poorly as V's Camille was vastly outplayed by Letme on Gragas. He died early in lane and fell behind, and from there it was all downhill. The one silver lining was that V's lockdown ability on Camille ult's were the only reason Newbee was able to secure kills at all in Game 1, unfortunately these kills did not happen until the the last seven minutes of this 31-minute game. Game 2 featured V on Camille again, and once again he died early, this time it was first blood on the back of a gank by mlxg. Again he was able to land some decent Camille ult's, however once again it was much too little much too late.

March 2, 2017

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V ended Newbee's 0-2 loss to Invictus Gaming with a 4/4/5 combined KDA.

V ended Game 1 with a 1/3/2 KDA as Maokai. He picked up an assist during a 2-vs-2 fight in the top lane and his lone kill picking off Megan in the mid game. He struggled in teamfights, managing only one assist which came in the third teamfight of the game. Using Shen in Game 2, V ended with a 3/1/3 KDA. He picked up a kill during a 3-vs-4 fight in the bottom lane and a second kill diving Duke in the top lane. A third kill came diving Marge in the mid game with an assist in the second teamfight. V picked up two assists in the final teamfight, but it wasn't enough to stop iG from ending the series.

August 7, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V looked solid after Game 1, finishing with a 6/6/15 KDA in the loss.

In Game 1, V took Maokai up against Zz1tai's Shen, leading to a disaster almost from the very beginning. After V died to an early gank from Kid's Hecarim, he struggled to ever get back on par with IG, generally disappearing during teamfights and being unable to threaten IG's backline as well as Zz1tai and Kid could come after NewBee. In Game 2, V switched his pick to Poppy and had a much better time, doing a lot more to slow down Zz1tai's Shen in lane. With dade's Vladimir going crazy, V was able to dive in alongside him and receive very little attention, CCing targets for the blood mage to burst down. This led to Game 3, where V went back to Poppy against Zz1tai's Shen. Unfortunately, Kid also got his Hecarim back this game, allowing him to play much more aggressively and giving Zz1tai a better delivery system in teamfights. V still played well in this game, finishing 3/2/4, but he was unable to keep Zz1tai in check, and IG was able to take the series.

July 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V earned a 3/2/13 KDA during Newbee's loss to Snake.

For someone widely known for having a lane phase that can be accurately described as subpar at best, V held out against Flandre far better than would be expected. His Poppy in Game 1 stood up to the Ekko pick from Flandre brilliantly. While he did suffer an early CS deficit, the moment he picked up his early component items, he turned the lane around on Flandre, winning most every trade from then on. The fact his team couldn't teamfight effectively around him proved his undoing, though, as he ended the game with an outstanding KDA, but no win to show for it. Game 2 was a very similar match, as the very odd Vladimir versus Malzahar top lane matchup came out solidly in V's favor, as a level 3 fight would see V nearly kill Flandre outright and assert lane dominance for the rest of the game. The game would not be decided in his lane, however, and the outstanding rotational play from Snake gave them a turret lead large enough that it trivialized V's advantage over Flandre. V's sole death in the game was in the teamfight that ended up deciding the series, and he ended the game with a nearly prefect kill participation.

July 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V did all he could to put his team on his back, taking home a 8/6/13 KDA during Newbee's loss to Game Talents

V played his heart out against GT, well aware that his team is playing for its life. The results were impressive to say the least, as not only did he outright wreck GimGoon in lane across the series, he was also the shining light of his team in their teamfights. Both games saw him take Shen onto the rift, a pick that certainly complements his playstyle perfectly. Game 1 started off wonderfully for him, as GimGoon and WuShuang tried to dive him once they both had hit level six, but didn't account for just how slippery a Shen under a turret could be. GimGoon would die outright in the attempt, and WuShuang barely escaped with his life, leaving V to stand alone under his turret, unbroken. Game 2 may well have lacked the flashiness from V, but that was only due to the greater respect he commanded in lane. As he had in Game 1, he smashed GimGoon in lane, but also transitioned that into an amazing mid game that nearly allowed Newbee to even up the series. Unfortunately, a few late-game teamfights saw HappyY and dade slain far too quickly for GT to have any shot at winning them, and Newbee would in the end fall, but V looked solid all the same.

July 25, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V finished the series win over Saint with a KDA of 6/12/21, never really taking control of any of the three games.

V looked alright in the series against NewBee, but never managed to assert himself fully in any of the three games. In Game 1, V took his Shen up against a Poppy from Acorn and found himself stifled in lane, since his taunt's dash was rendered ineffective by Poppy's barrier. V's biggest impact on this game was using his ult to support Swift's Kha'Zix, giving him the health necessary to execute picks without being taken down himself. In Game 2, V took Trundle up against Acorn's Ekko and had an atrocious time, going 0/4/1 in the very fast Saint win. In Game 3, V took a different strategy, this time choosing Irelia against Acorn's Ekko. After an early gank from Swift barely resulted in a kill on Acorn, V took a lane advantage and kept Acorn from becoming the same threat he was in Game 2. But really, Game 3's victory was all about HappyY's Sivir finally having the teamfights and time to go off, and V's Irelia ended up as more of a positive side note than a deciding factor in the game's outcome.

July 23, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V finished the series 3/5/24 with 71 percent kill participation, but NewBee still dropped the series.

V tried to create a strong front line for NewBee in their series against EDG, but he was shredded by Deft's Sivir in both games. In Game 1, V took Maokai up against mouse's Gangplank and grabbed the lead early, converting on three different ganks from Swift's Nidalee to give NewBee an early edge. NewBee held that advantage for almost the entirety of the game, using V's tanky tree to pin down EDG's back line and set up kills for HappyY's Jhin. But NewBee never quite managed to clear out the entirety of EDG's base, giving Deft enough time to get fully built on Sivir and start controlling teamfights, shredding through even V's solid armor. After spending more than an hour in Game 1 only to lose, NewBee looked deflated in Game 2, and V's Trundle simply wasn't enough to pull them back into the series. He put up a respectable showing at 1/2/5, but with Deft taking an early lead on Sivir, Game 2 played out very similarly to the final moments of Game 1.

July 15, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V finished the series 2/4/7, but also missed several chances to take over the game for NewBee during this sweep to World Elite.

NewBee as a whole missed a number of chances against World Elite, but V may have made some of the most glaring mistakes. In Game 1, V took Shen into the top lane as part of NewBee's global dive comp, alongside Swift's Nocturne and Dade's Twisted Fate. However, going into the mid game, V found himself clearing waves in front of the turret World Elite wanted to attack rather than splitting and making himself a nuisance, partially nullifying the impact of his global ultimate. But the biggest lowlight may have come in a teamfight where NewBee managed to pick off Xiye's Malzahar and then corner the other four members of World Elite in the top lane. With WE posturing for the fight, V completely whiffed on a flash/taunt combo, rendering him basically useless for the fight and allowing Mystic and Condi to clean up the remainder of NewBee. In Game 2, V took Irelia up against 957's Shen, and was able to match his opponent's global lane pressure through a serious farm advantage. V even managed to take the kill advantage after using his teleport to counter a dive in the bot lane, but it still wasn't enough. Poor objective fighting around Dragon eventually did NewBee in, as their failed engage left V running for his life rather than diving in as a tenacious threat.

July 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V finished with a 9/7/28 KDA as NewBee ground out the 2-1 victory over LGD.

V looked strong in his matchup against LGD's MaRin on Sunday, putting together strong performances even when his team lost. In Game 1, V's Trundle was the recipient of a nice gank right after the lane swap, setting his lane opponent behind and letting him farm for the late game. V stayed quiet for much of the match, but snagged two kills in NewBee's final push and finished with 76 percent kill participation. In Game 2, V took Trundle again, but MaRin's Lissandra got the better end of the matchup this time, grabbing an early kill on V with the help of new jungler Intruder. That pushed the series to a Game 3, where it looked like V might bring out the Trundle again - until he switched to Lissandra in the last pick, with MorZB taking Trundle as a support. This left V's Lissandra up against MaRin's Renekton, and V was more than able to stay alive against the big gator and set up picks for his team all over the map to help his team take the series win.

July 9, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V had a 7/4/16 performance against OMG, but it wasn't enough to secure a victory.

V looked excellent against OMG, but after NewBee dropped an incredibly long first game they probably felt they should have won, there was little V could do to bring them back. In Game 1, V took Irelia up against Memory's Ekko and handily won the matchup, taking a lead of almost 50 CS by 12 minutes. This led to V controlling subsequent teamfights, where he was able to successfully neutralize S1mlz's 4/1/0 Jhin. V's best highlight came in the bottom lane after a dragon fight, where he managed an extremely slow pentakill after chasing down memory and burning through both his Ekko ultimate and a GA to get the fifth execution. However, V's teamfighting power was not enough to protect the rest of his team, and OMG eventually took their nexus as V and HappyY failed in one final desperate push. In Game 2, V switched to Trundle and found himself overmatched by the mobility of OMG's squad, with little he could so to stop the assassination potential of Memory's Lissandra and Icon's Zed. Overall, V had little to be sad about this match, as he played his role quite capably, but just couldn't provide the protection his team needed at the end of the game.

June 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V ended NewBee's 1-2 loss to RNG at an 8/3/14 KDA.

V was a victim of NewBee's own pressure, succeeding when they gained an advantage, but failing to escape the downward spiral when they were losing. His final KDA ratio was a respectable 7.3, but his overall kill participation was only 61 percent. In Game 1, V was the first to fall to mlxg's incredibly aggressive Elise, giving first blood to Looper's Irelia. After that, he fell behind his lane opponent, finding it difficult to push back for any pressure, and mlxg could easily swing up top and drive V back since every one of RNG's lanes were winning. In the sub-30 minute loss, there was simply not enough time for V's Maokai to get off the ground and become just as useful as RNG's snowballed Irelia. Although V didn't end with a bad scoreline, and only died once to the initial gank, one member with decent gold wasn't enough to pull NB out of their deficit. In Game 2, V's team found a lead with a couple of successful ganks and V improved with them. mlxg could not threaten him the way he had before, and although V had a little bit of trouble against the Hecarim, it was not enough to keep him from hitting item spikes. V only participated in 14 of the 23 total kills in Game 2, spending more of his time solo laning than roaming with his team or ganking, but he did draw aggro from RNG, pooling his way smoothly out of a four-man gank that gave the rest of NB time to further their map control. Game 3 looked a lot like the first one, instead of Swift controlling the lanes and map, it was mlxg once again, who could pressure all of NB and push them further and further behind until they were unable to teamfight. V never managed to make his Irelia go off in such a quick game with so little teamfighting. NB needs to find early advantages, because when V and his team found themselves behind, they simply could not make a recovery.

June 26, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V posted a weak 3/8/9 KDA in Newbee's loss to I MAY.

V's play in the top lane was heavily overshadowed by his counterpart on I May, AmazingJ. In Game 1, V took Lissandra up against AmazingJ's Trundle and was the only member of Newbee to start slowly. With Dade and Swift running roughshod over the rest of the map, it didn't look like V's difficulties against AmazingJ would have a chance to matter. But as I May turned the game around, it was largely due to the Trundle becoming unkillable while V was left struggling to make an impact. In Game 2, V put up a better statistical game on Maokai, but was again outshined, as AmazingJ took his Irelia around the map, snatching up kills and controlling the game. While V's play could have been better, it looked even worse in comparison to his lane opponent.

June 15, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V earned a 10/9/28 KDA in Newbee's 2-1 series win against Saint.

V's performance was reflective of the series as a whole: sloppy and mind-bogglingly brain-dead, but effective. Despite getting caught out several times without proper vision coverage in Game 1, V was able to escape thanks to Fizz's inherent mobility. Even when he did get caught and killed throughout the early and mid game, he would make up for it in Newbee's late game comeback with good dives that heavily disrupted Saint's backline. V ended with a 3/4/17 KDA for 77 percent kill participation. In Game 2, while Newbee gained an early lead, their over-aggressiveness and lack of vision led to a Saint comeback, with V getting picked off right before Saint's second Baron, ending the game with a 2/3/5 KDA. Game 3 was another chaotic back-and-forth match, which suited V's Ekko. Able to get onto Styz's Caitlyn and Snoopy's Viktor with relative ease, V rolled over Saint's backline in teamfights, finishing with a 5/2/6 KDA.

May 30, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V scored a KDA of 8/4/14 in NewBee's win against Invictus Gaming on Saturday.

Invictus Gaming were the favorites to win this series, but NewBee took them apart despite the odds. V performed well in Game 1 with Trundle in the top lane, constantly pushing Zz1tai out and denying him CS. V shone in teamfights, going after targets with single-minded determination, his tanky build and well-placed pillars allowing him to simply brush off his enemy's attempts at disengaging as the troll kept hammering on his opponents. V faltered in Game 2 even though he chose to play Maokai, another one of the tanks in his champion pool. He failed to successfully tank for his teammates in teamfights, possibly scared off by the fact that by then, IG were doing too much damage for him to soak up. Nevertheless, NewBee managed to make a comeback in the last game of the series as V ditched the tanks for Swain, the Master Tactitian. This pick played to NewBee's strength when it came to teamfights since Swain could lay down his crowd control abilities and let his birds do the work while he cast Zhonya's on himself and healed up from his ultimate. V misstepped when he wandered off into the Fog of War and got jumped on by four members of the enemy team. His teammates promptly followed up and managed to keep him alive long enough to do some damage, but he ultimately fell. It was perhaps not in vain, though, as his team dominated the rest of that teamfight and went on to take the Baron, and from there, the victory.

May 26, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V earned a 4/9/25 KDA after a surprisingly lane-focused series from the typically teamfight-focused top laner in NB's loss to EDG.

A big question coming into this LPL split was how Newbee, formerly the QG Reapers were going to adapt to both their roster shifts and their persistent internal issues. This series was the first glimpse into that, and what we saw was a team that seemed to have sacrificed their vaunted late-game ability in favor of a more lane-dominant style of play. For his part, V took mouse down in all three games, earning CS leads that were game-altering over the EDG sub top laner each game. Unfortunately, this wasn't followed up with the teamfight control that we're used to seeing V exert -- in fact, his crowd control almost never found a target in teamfights, leading him to duke it out on damage alone. In Game 2, when he could rely on Trundle's natural damage output as well as the absurd tankiness he gained from stealing all of mouse's stats, that strategy functioned just fine. In the other games, however, it did not, and Newbee found themselves, unbelievably, losing a series almost entirely on the back of poor teamfights, something they traditionally have had as their strong point. Whether V can once again become the consistent disruptor that's characterized his play on Newbee will be a deciding factor in how far this roster can go, and whether it can hope to reach the heights that QG nearly took last split.

April 29, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V ended the 2016 LPL Spring Split with an average 2.8/2.4/6.27 KDA.

For most of the split, V was exactly what Qiao Gu needed him to be: the silent sentinel of the top lane --- well aware that he, more than any other member of the team, stood alone and would need to play accordingly. His champion pool was therefore characterized mostly by tanks, most notably Poppy and Nautilus --- who was an especially valuable pick for QG due to Doinb's proficiency with him in the mid lane. V was valuable precisely because he knew what his team needed him for, and played accordingly. He rarely looked for leads in the laning phase and played defensively, well aware that neither Swift nor Doinb was likely to help dig him out of any holes he might find himself in. Instead, he focused entirely on the teamfights that QG has always been so well known for, and was a crucial part of the amazing target focus and crowd control layering that characterized QG's take on fights. Unfortunately, the future for V is far from certain, as his team seems to be disintegrating around him after internal issues between Swift and Doinb started a chain of events that resulted in the first-seed team being forced to forfeit their semifinal match before getting completely stomped by Team WE in the third place match, with Doinb nowhere to be found. If the combination of V, Swift, and Doinb that carried QG to greatness is shattered, so too are V's hopes of finally taking home the LPL Championship trophy, after being close enough to touch it two splits in a row.

April 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V ended Sunday with a 3/5/6 combined KDA.

V struggled a bit on Poppy in Game One, falling victim to a teleport gank to give away first blood early. He was able to answer moments later, using his own teleport to pick up two assists during the game's first team fight. He was able to split push after QG secured the Baron buff, but didn't play a huge role in team fights as QG were carried by Mortred and Uzi in Game One. In Game Two, V fell behind early on Ekko before freezing the bottom creep wave inside his base to generate a thirty CS lead at fifteen minutes. Unfortunately he was never able to impact the game despite his impressive farm total, dying only once but finishing with no kills or assists. V again played Ekko in Game Three, and this time was able to be more involved. He fell behind in farm again early, but was able to equalize the disadvantage after using his teleport to pick up a kill early on. QG began to fall behind in the mid game, but V did a good job of staying alive and helping to defend objectives. It wasn't enough in the end as WE took Game Three and the series.

March 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V ended Thursday with a 6/10/19 combined KDA.

V played well in two out of the three games Thursday, including an excellent Game One, going 2/3/9 on Maokai. In Game One, he was able to effectively front line for QG, becoming unkillable late while using his teleport and homeguards to flank and set up kills. His teleport gank double kill in the mid game allowed QG to swing the momentum in their favor and secure Baron on their way to a Game One win. In Game Two, he struggled on Rammus, ending the game with a 2/6/3 KDA. V traded solo kills with Gimgoon early, but paid the price as his opponent's Graves was able to scale up quickly in the process. EPA dominated QG in Game Two and V fell victim to multiple deaths while never becoming the front line tank QG needed. In Game Three, he switched off of the tank champions to play Quinn, ending with a strong 2/1/7 KDA. He was able to fast push down towers in the early game while looking to split push in the mid game. Game Three was extremely close throughout and V's Quinn helped QG win team fights to turn the momentum, including a huge late game double kill that was apart of a QG ace. Unfortunately QG were backdoored shortly after to lose a heartbreaking Game Three.

March 25, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V found himself on the wrong end of Marin's resurgence, earning a 4/8/3 KDA after getting utterly crushed in 2 games.

Not a week after getting shoved around by Zz1tai in QG's victory over iG, V found himself once again sitting on the wrong side of a superstar top laner. Worse, both games saw QG flub the lane swap poorly enough to set V far behind Marin. In Game One, QG at least put up a reasonable fight thanks to the efforts of V and Swift, as V showed once again why he's considered the premiere tank player in the LPL. Being behind isn't a new frontier for V, and he's proven more than capable of making up the difference in team fights, especially with his Nautilus. Unfortunately, such a comeback requires functional carries to back it up, carries that V lacked in the first game. Game Two showed V take an uncharacteristic turn in to the carry role after unexpectedly taking Ryze to the top lane for the first time this split. QG, though, didn't reorient their strategy around him and he fell far behind Marin in short order. LGD, on the other hand, responded appropriately and pyl was a constant fixture in V's lane. While V's CC was still integral to getting the few kills that QG did find for themselves, it did little to reverse the game for him. While it's hard to argue that V was the issue in this series, he certainly wasn't the solution that QG needed him to be. With playoffs looming, getting casually eviscerated by a team with a record as poor as LGD's is the last place QG wants to be right now, and this loss sheds serious doubts about whether their path to the LCK championship was as simple as many, apparently including QG themselves, had considered it to be. With every other team in the LPL looking up at them, QG can't afford to be complacent if they want to still take the top slot. With their terrible lane swapping and tendency to simply abandon V despite needing him to succeed, complacency seems to be something that QG currently have in spades.

March 21, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V earned a 10/15/27 KDA after three games of phenomenal tank play in his series victory over iG.

Of all the QG players, V had the most to prove in this crucial series. In QG's last meeting with iG, iG denied them the opportunity to represent China at Worlds after two embarrassing sweeps. Of all the players on QG who looked overmatched in those games, none were as obvious as V, who's champion pool wholly consisted of the tanks that Zz1tai was notorious for preying on. Unsurprisingly, considering the patch favored Zz1tai's playstyle much more than V's, V came away from that series much the worse for wear, having been eviscerated by iG's star top laner. This series was V's opportunity to go from the prey to the hunter, and he most definitely succeeded in that. Game One started terribly for V, as he was forced to 1-vs-1 against Zz1tai's Gangplank with his Maokai, a matchup that proved to be disastrous for him. Despite this, in what would be the theme of this series, V came back from a terrible lane deficit to become a powerhouse for his team. At one point he took on all of iG nearly singlehandedly, only falling after felling two of his opponents. Games Two and Three were nearly identical, but with one difference: while in Game One V had lacked backup from his team who was too weak to fight with him, the next two games features QG carries who were carries in more than name. When V locked someone down in Games Two and Three Doinb, Swift, and Uzi were there, eager to send the hapless target packing back to the fountain. In the end it would be V's team-based style that took this series, not his opponent's carry-oriented one.

March 13, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V brings his Poppy to the rift for two dominant games, ending the series with a 13/3/12 KDA.

While Game One can't be said to have been a great showing from QG, it's impossible to blame V for that. His Poppy play was integral to QG earning their early lead and, more importantly, it was a spectacular play from him that enabled them to win despite their late-game slump. Game Two was an entirely different beast, as QG found the same early game lead, but this time didn't flub it in the midgame. V here proved integral, as the amount of pressure he put on Deft's Kog'Maw gave Uzi the freedom he needed to tear apart EDG's tank-heavy line-up. With the greatest challenges to QG behind them, they're a sure bet moving forward for fantasy owners. The fact that QG has begun to dominate from the game's beginning should only help inflate their scores, as they no longer seem to spend the first 30 minutes of the game wandering in a haze.

March 11, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V earned a 5/1/19 KDA in a quick two game victory over HYG with a dominant performance on his signature tanks.

It would seem that the rumors of Maokai's demise were somewhat preemptive, as V confidently picked him after HYG chose to target his champion pool. The tree proved punishing for HYG, as their low damage composition had very few tools to deal with something as monstrously tanky as a fed Maokai. In a metagame that seems dominated by Nautilus and Poppy, both positive matchups for the twisted treant, it's quite likely that V might be the first of many such Maokai players in the future. Alas, in Game Two he chose not to repeat his dominate Game One performance on the champion. He instead opted for his most comfortable standby this season, Nautilus, on whom he earned no less a spectacular KDA in a game that was so brutal that HYG threw in the towel before the first half hour had passed. This was a far cry from the QG that showed up at IEM Katowice, as the team seemed coordinated and, more importantly, decisive in a way they hadn't on the international stage. While HYG may not have had much of a chance to win this game, it should still serve as an excellent morale boost for a team that seemed to be in freefall last weekend, V especially.

February 22, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V suffered through lane swaps and tower dives, finally coming out of a close series with a 8/7/16 KDA.

Like all of his noncarry teammates, V barely escaped this series with a winning KDA. There's no way to get around it: Game One and Two were catastrophic for Qiao Gu. The early game in each of them went about as poorly as possible, with V getting most of the flak. While he managed to only lose farm in the first, the second game was much less forgiving, as VG made it their express purpose to ruin his Fiora KDA. Seeing as he died more times in that one game than he did in the rest of the series combined, it's pretty obvious how successful their efforts were. It wasn't all gloom for V, though, as his team fight performance in Game One was absolutely vital to QG's eventual comeback, with his self-cast Frozen Tombs zoning Easyhooon and Endless away from any targets in multiple critical fights. The freedom that V's dive gave Peco and Doinb was absolutely vital, as VG were completely unable to follow up on some truly stunning CC chains that should have resulted in all of QG dying before they could move. That was just a glimpse of V's potential, though, and VG were unfortunate enough to see the full view in Game Three. V and Doinb teamed up to effectively remove Loong from the rift, with Doinb teleporting in to outright murder him on three separate occasions. All of that pressure eventually resulted in V simply being able to solo kill Loong in one of the most one-sided games the current kings of China have had all split. That dominance, however, doesn't excuse QG's laughable early game in both the first two games, and fantasy owners will certainly have to take a longer look at QG's players, especially with international competition waiting on the wings. Had EDG not also managed to flub terribly in the same day, this might have been a sign of weakness for QG, but with other teams struggling on all fronts, their dominance of China is likely to continue, though perhaps in a less dominant fashion than before.

February 19, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V brought OMG to their knees Game One, earning most of his 11/5/17 series KDA there with one of the best Ryze performances of the split.

Whlie the rest of the world is finally free of the tyranny of Ryze, China is still trapped in his shadow for a bit longer. V, though, was looking to give the rogue mage a strong send off this series, with his team fighting being absolutely critical to Qiao Gu's comeback in a Game One that might as well have been cut and paste from their games last year. In the end, though, OMG were unable to overcome the masters of team fighting, though they have proven to be their toughest test to date. The transition to Game Two, though, was like moving from night to day, as Qiao Gu established control of the game from the very beginning and choked OMG out in the more proactive fashion we've begun to expect from QG this split, though V did little more than farm and join a couple skirmishes that were decided before he even arrived. Moving forward, Qiao Gu's road only gets more challenging. Many of the teams in Group B have shaped up to be quite a bit stronger than their Group A counterparts, and while Qiao Gu might have had total control there, both RNG and EDG are edging up the standings in Group B. Both have certainly been eyeing QG, looking for any chinks in their armor, but for now it's safe to say that the break did little to halt the juggernaut that is QG.

January 31, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V spent most of the series matching Flandre wherever he went and farming, both of which he more than succeeded in, earning himself a 5/3/16 KD

V fell victim early on to QG's unorthodox laneswap tactics, tactics that dictate a level of aggression that no other team has yet manage to match. Unfortunately, some missteps put V in a huge hole Game One (and a big lead Game Two), but QG made an effort during the entire game to help him recover, and recover he did. While V's KDA might be somewhat unimpressive, that's more to do with the natures of the games that were played. QG seemed quite happy to match Snake's incredibly slow game pace, and even proved superior in it, though that unfortunately resulted in games with nearly as many turret kills as champion kills. At the end of it all, though, QG reigned supreme with a completely flawless record, and fantasy owners would do well to take notice, as few teams can claim the level of dominance QG now enjoys in the history of the LPL.

January 22, 2016

RotoWire Fantasy Analysis

V showed the dangers of an impossible-to-kill tank to EPA, scoring an incredible 12/5/23 KDA.

While he didn't enjoy the smoothest start to either game in the series, V demonstrated by the end of each game why he's become known as such a force in the LPL. He ended each game with KDA's that were impressive, to say the least, especially Game One which saw him go 11/2/7 on a completely unkillable Tahm Kench. V is easily a top player to acquire, as he's on a team that looks to be the best team in his region.